Reiterating the name of my blog.

When my mom texted me about what happened in Boston, I quickly scanned the internet. At that time, no injuries had officially been reported. I took the injury report at face value and didn’t put any additional effort into the pursuit of information. I dismissed it.

But I guess we caught it early.

Since then, news coverage has been taking over our household. Television and newspaper clips. The radio was stuck on sports talk yesterday in the car, but they were talking about Boston. I understand. It’s the usual way to grieve and to learn from what happens in the world around us. It’s healthy to have knowledge of places other than your hometown. Just like any other person, I struggle in the debate between not enough media and way too much of it. But that’s not what I’m here for. My blog is titled “There’s So Much to Smile About”. So I am writing today just to remind mankind of that.

Bad things happen every day.

This incident in Boston was devastating, but people are devastated every day. I’m not diminishing its importance or the way it has transformed lives or our country. I do not speak ill of any part of this entire circumstance. But I’d like to point out that, inversely, extravagantly amazing things happen every day. Someone’s beautiful baby girl was just born. A grandparent celebrated their 83rd birthday. Life is going on and it’s difficult in times like these to focus solely on the negative. I want to challenge people to focus on the positive.

I’m not bringing attention to this because it is Birthday Week at the Schneider household. I don’t care about that right now. Not every day can be someone’s birthday and it’s also not crucial that I remind people how important the 19th is (But who’s to say I’ll stop?). The Oklahoma City bombing happened on the day I turned 5. The Columbine shootings were on April 20th. Hell, the Titanic sank on the 12th! And now this. Guess what? If you haven’t heard (how could you not?), the media has now officially labeled this week “Devil’s Week”. Just like they’re naming every storm that effects the US. It makes me wonder, “Can I hash tag that?” Was it meant to be hash tagged? Although I understand the gravity of these instances and–once again–am not belittling them, I don’t think it’s important to label this week. Ever. For any purpose. Some of the most amazing people I have ever met were born during this week. My cousin, three friends from grade school (Two gingers, but who’s counting?), my twin sister, and my little brother just to name a few. I am going to a wedding on Saturday for two incredible individuals. Do we really want to label this week “Devil’s Week” and forever put a black mark on the good things that are still happening? Do we really want to give that kind of attention to the people that caused such atrocities?

Don’t label something so harshly based on history. Learn from history. Don’t dwell on it. And smile. Because, really, there is just so much to smile about.


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