Don’t be too jealous…

For those of you who aren’t aware, next week is my birthday. I’m not sure any of you aren’t aware though, since my mom and three of my friends are the only people who read this blog. And if one of those people doesn’t know my birthday, then they’re probably not my friend. Therefore, everyone reading this knows my birthday. But I digress. The coming Friday, I will turn 23. I look 17, but don’t be fooled. I will be 23. Also, my sister will be 23. Cool how twins do that, right? Anyway, we will be 23 and birthdays are a big deal to the two of us. We love to throw parties (the surprise kind is our favorite) and spoil each other with gifts. Last year, my siblings got me a record player and some new vinyl. And I was thrown a surprise party (Also, I threw Erin a surprise party. No one threw Ian a surprise party.). I also got other things, but let’s not get into me bragging about my awesome siblings and my wonderful parents and how much I love them all (Mad props, Ma!).

My point in over-stating all of the above is that my sister took me on a surprise trip last night. It wasn’t one of those out of town surprise trips (Like when she surprised me at the Disney Convention in Anaheim or took me to Columbia, MO to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt). It was one of those surprise in town trips. Which was flippin’ awesome. We went to Bar Louie for some awesome food and drinks, and then walked over to The Improv to see one of my all-time favorite comedians (actually, he takes #1). His name is Demetri Martin. You may have heard of him. Anyway, she surprised me with that. And I was giggling the entire time. My cheeks hurt! It was like a Schneider family photo shoot or a sorority Bid Day! Just insane. He made jokes about pancakes and carrots and apartments and tap dancers. He poked fun at where he grew up (Jersey) and at Kansas (Bass Pro Fishing Shop). He was like a little bundle of coastal joy to my midwestern eyes–and I ate it all up (Also, the Ghirardelli brownie. I ate that too.). And my sister was kind enough to buy his new book for me so we could go to the book signing afterward!



And VOILA! Short conversation, quick photo, exchange of phone numbers (Yeah, he’s almost 40 and has a wife so that’s actually not true. That last part. The rest is.), and bing, bang, boom we were out of there! But, really, I’m still beaming over it.



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