Oh you fancy, huh?

I never thought the most I’d be living on the edge at any one point in time would be when I didn’t buy protection for my new phone.

My parents are amazing. As an early birthday gift to the children, they equipped us with iPhones. Totally down. My mom was super excited and already had them set aside for us, so we ventured into RadioShack yesterday and took the plunge. I am a lucky girl. What we laughed about was how they were trying so hard to sell us Apple Care and insurance and phone cases. I’m not saying I’m infallible, but I am really good with electronics and take good care of my belongings. We were pretty staunch in our decision going in to order cases elsewhere after a tad bit of research, but apparently we were crazy to even leave the store without SOMETHING.

I’ve got news for you: Apple Care might be awesome, but I can also call and get it at any point. Also, I made a fancy perch out of the iPhone box for when I use it at any point in time. I also got some good “no use of phone” training when I had my flip phone for the last month or so, so I can set it down for a while and not mess it up before I get a case.

That being said, anyone know of the perfect iPhone 5 case? I want something with personality, but there was nothing more protective than my case for my Samsung Galaxy. In other news, my parents are looking for cases for their new Galaxy S IIIs. Thoughts?

So now I have segwayed into the iPhone world and am a pretty happy camper. It’s kind of the perfect birthday gift for 23, if I do say so myself!


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