“Can I have a courtesy cup?”

So this week I am working a very big sports tournament in the heart of our lovely country (America, for those of you who were wondering). This week and the lead up to it have kept me on my toes and really given me some good people watching experiences. For example, an older man came to the guest services window and said: “Can I have a courtesy cup? We’re not in a third world country. I shouldn’t have to buy a cup.” Take that as you may. I sincerely hope that it doesn’t warrant an explanation on my part.

Or, the young man that walked up to my window while I was helping someone. I walked over to see what he needed, and he said, “I’m just lookin’ at myself.” No shame. Alright. Cool.

What I really want to do is tally the amount of complaints by the jerseys and paraphrenalia people are wearing. That way, I will have an accurate count of which school (whoops, slip up on what this event might be!) produces rude fans. I think the consensus is everyone, but we all have our theories.

Another thing I found out today. Steve Madden is still reproducing?

I had a man walk up to my window to make small talk last night. He has been purchasing single tickets for the event as it has progressed. He came to my window twice last night. Today, he has been by no less than four times. The first time I told him I still didn’t have tickets for him, and he was mad. And then he told me he liked my sense of fashion. The second time he came back today, he rambled. Then he asked me my name. I am behind a glass wall, so I gave him my first name. He introduced himself. Good ol’ Kirk. Well, he’s been back to make small talk. I was reading a magazine. He asked about that and my Christopher Plummer bio sitting next to me. He’s here alone, I really have no other words for that. Trying to make friends, but it’s unfortunate when you have to make friends with someone who is literally trapped in a tiny room and cannot escape your awkwardness (I’m talking to more than just good ol’ middle aged Kirk.). Apparently someone had been up here asking for me on my break too. I am going to go out on a limb and guess it was my new buddy.

We had the usual debbie downer crazy complaining people. People who lose their phones and blame us. A girl who was sitting in her own vomit in the bathroom. You know, the usual. Also, I had a fan call me sneaky and reach into the ticket window to low five me. I was looking up prices and seat locations for Disney on Ice for him. I don’t know what that was about.

P.S. My favorite magazine–published monthly worldwide–sends out daily emails for its most devoted fans (obviously I am a member of this elite club that is bombarded by ads and malware daily). Anyway, this morning’s email had two typos… in the first sentence. That is all.


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