Don’t Forget

I keep forgetting I will be at the Pink concert tomorrow night. My sister, her boyfriend, and I are road tripping to Nashville tonight. Yes, it’s an eight hour drive. Yes, it’s snowy outside. Yes, we are going to go like a Schneider Family Holiday… which means power through it, don’t stop, and probably don’t look for silly landmarks like that crazy ball of twine (where is that, by the way?). But we made the plan for this trip because Erin loves Pink. And good ol’ Pink didn’t have a tour date in KC. And Chicago was sold out. So we went next closest… and it’s not close.

But, like I said, I keep forgetting about the concert. My grandparents live two hours past Nashville, in a tiny town that I always forget the name of, on a lake or a pond or some body of water that probably collects mosquitos in the hot summer months. They live in Tennessee because they needed to be close to kidney specialists, and as much as I hate feeling sticky when we visit (normally in warm months), it is peaceful there. I forget about the concert because tomorrow, after we stay overnight in Nashville tonight, we will be driving the other 2+ hours to see those grandparents of mine. To take them fancy chocolates and “Thinking of You” cards from the family. To give them both nice gifts and try to help them with any house work while we can. We are going to spend time with them, which is something my Grandma is always trying to get us to do. It’s not easy to do that when you’re a 10+ hour drive away and everyone is always so busy. But, even with the quick turnaround, even just a couple of hours is better than no time at all.

I love my grandparents. That’s probably why I keep forgetting about the concert. But now I have to remember because right after we visit them, we are going back to Nashville to the show and then driving straight home. We are too cheap for two nights in a hotel, and we power through like Schneiders do. I have to remember this concert because now I have to pack.

Because we are leaving in an hour and, naturally, I haven’t done a damn thing to prepare.


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