Happy Birthday Kali Merian!


Today is a very special day. My adorable puppy, who my family got for the kids’ birthdays in April of 2003, is officially 10 human years old today. This makes her geriatric.

I love my dog. She is a Mini Aussie with a lot of spunk. The way she behaves, you’d think she’s still a puppy. She barks anytime anyone comes home and will still attack me if my brother and I are in a fight because she is his protector… even if he started it. She is the Defender of The House and she is my friend. And for an entire decade, she has been around to be that.

I love you, Kali Merian. I know we have developed quite a language over the years, but since you can’t read this, I will tell you a few times today while you follow me around the house. Like a puppy.


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