Trifectas, Birthdays, and Twins!


In honor of Miss Betty White’s 91st Birthday, DC Cupcakes is giving away red velvet cupcakes with her face on them ALL DAY LONG. This, if nothing else, makes me sincerely want to be in NYC RIGHT NOW. What I MUST call attention to is that one of the three ladies in my sister’s trifecta of “best friends” is over that 90-year hump today! Yes, my twin sister has a trifecta of famous women that would be her best friends if she had the chance. She will have the chance one day, but right now she’s working toward it. Her three are Betty White, Julie Andrews, and Pink.

Yes, very eclectic.

If I had to choose three (right now, although my trifecta changes which probably makes me sound flaky), I would go with Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, and Rachel Bilson. Although, sometimes Rachel and Mila Kunis get swapped out. Depends on my mood that day. Plus, mine are all kind of similar. Erin’s are not, which make them the cutest trifecta!

Do you know what’s fun about our trifectas? Betty White’s Birthday is today and SO IS ZOOEY DECHANEL’S! I might be the only one getting excited about this, but it just proves time and time again that my sister and I are somewhat like-minded (doesn’t that go with the whole twin territory thing?). So here’s to birthdays! And twins!

Who would be in YOUR trifecta? Drop me an answer @MerelyGrace, or comment below! Get fun with it!


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