Most Festive Holiday Instagram Posts

Last week was a whirlwind of gifts, massive amounts of food, and cozy time with festive lights to brighten up the setting. If you got snow (We’re talking to you, Texas!), then even your dreams of a White Christmas came true. For those of you who can’t get enough of that holiday spirit, here are a few of my favorite Instagram posts from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!Image@ColtonWitt beat his mom in a Christmas wrapping competition. He gets a gold star, and the privilege to do all of our wrapping next year!


Such a Christmas card worthy photo from @BLovano.Image

@Allison_Sexson has the right idea. A guitar that doubles as a Christmas tree!ImageShameless plug. Those are the footy PJs I scored Christmas of 2009. I was hanging out by the glow of the tree on Christmas Eve Eve. Follow me @MerelyGrace!

Image@Lannoir enchants us with lights fitting of every season.

ImageHad to stick a festive couple photo in there for the enjoyment of those in love! Thanks, @LinaValentina, for being so cute!

Image@Qmochang gives us a message of Peace in this cute photo!

ImageI chose this snap by @Alexeywind because everyone wishes they had this kind of energy.

ImageNot so big on cats, but the amount of likes @Sandalwood has gotten for this gem is incredible!

Image@BrandonRohlwing won the @BreakThruRadio Holiday photo contest with this gem and the caption: “Holiday traditions always include cutting down a Christmas tree and taking weird pictures with my dad. :)”


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