My Favorite (Recent) Zach Braff Tweets

I know this probably isn’t exactly breaking news, but Zach Braff is amazing. This year alone he starred in “All New People”, a show he created himself, at the Duke of York’s theatre in London’s West End. His run in London helped him check off his life goal to perform in the city so rich in historical theatrical presence. He just wrapped up voiceover sessions as a winged monkey named Finley for Sam Raimi’s next film Oz: The Great and Powerful, and also stars in the movie as Oscar Diggs’ circus assistant. He recently played host and groomsman to fellow Scrubs star Donald Faison as he tied the knot at Zach’s home in LA. But that isn’t all, because we still look to him for comedic relief in a variety of situations—through Twitter. In honor of his sarcastically funny—and culturally relevant—Twitter account, I have compiled a list of my 20 favorite recent @ZachBraff tweets, in no particular order of preference. Enjoy!


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