Best Party Ever: Intro

This year was jam packed with weddings. I think what made it so different than the plethora of years before laden with weddings is that it has now come down to people MY AGE getting married. I thought it was crazy before how people that I grew up with were tying the knot—old babysitters, family friends, and people I didn’t know very well but accepted the invite for free food (at the price of my parents’ wedding gift contribution). But this year, it seems like half the people I know from my grade got married. I, myself, was a bridesmaid in two of my best friends’ weddings (and the men they married have become two of my best friends as well, go figure) this year, and have found myself becoming inspired by these women and their journeys toward—and down—the aisle.


Several times leading up to the wedding last weekend, I had thought about what it would be like to have a wedding. They say that girls dream about their wedding day from the time they are very young, something pushed upon us by photographs of weddings past and Disney movies. I’m not sure who “they” are, but I can’t say I have imagined my “big day” very often in my twenty-two years of life. I plan other peoples’ big days. Most recently, I had a very vivid vision of my sister’s eventual big day. I don’t know who will fill that empty space by her at the altar, and I have no idea how old she will be when it happens, but I have already planned the one-of-a-kind dress that I will sew for her (and inevitably bleed on several times when I am hand-stitching some of the lace). I know what two hairstyles she will choose from, the kind of veil I see her wearing. I know what songs I will put in the wedding video, and have already made a list of songs to sing for her on that day (that is, if she permits it). I always think about the fun, crafty things leading up to my “day” as well… color schemes and patterns, what accessories I would need to create unique invitations and save the dates. As a photographer, I often imagine how I would pose photos, etc. But I cannot say I have ever imagined poses with someone else—unless I am working on engagement photos for a client. I always imagine myself posing like I did in my senior portraits. Artistic, fun, dancing in the light kind of photos that you do take with your significant other when you get engaged—except alone. It might seem bizarre for people whose lives are enveloped in love and support as they plan their big day and their lives together as a couple and a family, but I have planned everything for myself. But solo.


This is to be expected. I worked in cosmetics, so I have seen lots of makeup do’s and don’ts. I have even had the pleasure of creating some looks for brides and their bridesmaids on the big day. It’s a scary task! I have done hair, helped in browsing through invites and venues. I worked at David’s Bridal for a bit, so I know all of the intricate details that go into planning a wedding. I have seen disasters, tears, and melt downs. I have also seen tears of joy, good luck charms, and applause by family members as everything kind of tends to fall into place.

All of this being said, I cannot imagine going through life without a big day. So, this week, I will focus on a multi-part series of how MY big day would play out, if given the opportunity to throw a giant party for myself (besides the necessary birthday bashes with cake fights, tiaras, and ruining my sister’s shoes).


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