SO Serial Optimist

So I have been writing for this amazing website called Serial Optimist since June. It’s been a fun thing to turn to during the Hustle & Flow of my life (Umm… movie plug!) over the last several months. Below, I shall give you a chance to read everything I have published (thus far) for this crazy awesome site! Oh, and it’s from most recent to, ya know, least recent.

Mike Kelton: Because He’s Much Cooler Than Will Smith
Aka my interview with one of the most incredible people I had the privilege of meeting during my year in NYC. He’s going to be a very, very big deal. Who am I kidding? He already is!

Underappreciated (1)
My brand new, weekly column ranting about things that I think need to be appreciated more. This week’s topic? Batteries!

Maximize Your Election Night 
A push for Comedy Central’s Election Night. I know it’s past due now, but it’s still fun to stay current!

Election 2012: GIF’s Gone Crazy
These were fun to find, and possibly even more fun to stare at. Over. And over. And over and over.

Hanson Nostalgia
But seriously… if you haven’t heard of them lately, you truly must dig this piece. Informative, fun, AND a little obsessive!

Beth Stelling is The Next Best Thing In The World
BEST Stelling is more like it! Quirky, cute and fun. I totally dig it.

Carmen Lynch: Comedian. Spaniard. Wonderful. 
Master of goofy faces. Lover of amazing coffee. Wonderful.

The Perks to Moving Home
My favorite. Truth. From my mother’s basement. (Just kidding… my room! In my childhood home!)

Interview With Comedian Liz Miele
Despite the cats, I think we could jive.

Pop Science Collective Awesomeness
If you wanna nerd up, now is your chance.

The Rebel Light
Awesome band. Cool music. Get funky.

So it looks to me like my editor took my first piece that I ever wrote for SO down. I will try to dig that up here in the next day or so and post it for your viewing pleasure. It’s a culture piece that I know we ALL can relate to!

Arrivederci, my friends!


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