Flashback Writing… REALLY. FAR. BACK.

So I know I tell people I have been writing FOREVER, but I am very serious about it. More recently, my mom and I (at separate times in different areas of the house) have been digging up old drawings and writings of mine. Because today is such a GROWN UP day in my life (My SECOND Presidential Election!) and everyone has been bombarded by lunacy lately, I figured posting the writings of a child might put it all into perspective. But more than likely, it will just give you a reason to laugh. The one I am about to entertain you with must have happened between the ages of seven and nine, judging by my hand writing. Even then, I am going to guess seven or eight because of the topic of my “novel”… Horses. Anything in parentheses is my commentary on the story. This is all I have written of it (grammar and all)::


Chapter #1

This morning, I got up at two-fifty-five thinking it was five fifty (I do have a strange need to wake up at bizarre times). I got dressed and went downstairs, ate breakfast, went upstairs, Brushed my teeth and my hair, fixed my hair and got my backpack (Yumm… commas). Then, checked the clock. It was three fourty five! So, I went out to the stable and hopped on Wildberry (want to assume I named the horse “Wildberry” because of “The Wild Thornberries”) and rode around the ring as if in a race until five fifty and then hopped on Strawberry and rode to school.

Oh! You must be wondering who I am (Not really?)! My name is Tanisha Silverstone (HUH?!) and I am 14 years old in my first year of Junior High. I am the only child in my family but really want a baby brother. I have thin, strawberry blonde hair (Thank you, Mary-Kate and Ashley) that goes down to my thighs (I don’t know, man). I absolutely love horses! My horses: Strawberry, Rasberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, and Wildberry are the best horses anyone could ever have!

Their mother’s name is Berry so I decided they would all have her name in their names. Not to brag, but I’m the most popular girl in school because I have a million dollars in my savings bond and live in a mansion that looks like a castle (I wanna say I wrote this when the Forbes Child Millionaires article was written including the Olsen Twins? Mary-Kate owned a horse named CD. Don’t you remember?). Besides 5 horses we’ve got 2 cows, 6 sheep, 8 pigs, 3 parakeets, 1 dog, and 1 cat (CATS?! WHY?!). In our yard we have 2 swimming pools with diving boards and slides, a tennis court, Basketball court, football field, soccer field, Baseball/softball/T-Ball Field, a stable, Two Gigantic Swingsets, and a riding trail. I love it!

We own 100 acres of land! So to get to the nearest house, I have to hop on one of my horses and ride the whole trail to get there! Sometimes I wonder why my mom bought the place. My mom’s name is Chelsie (Parent Trap?). Her and my dad got divorced when U was 2 and yet, I still remember him. (Remember when all of MK&A’s parents were divorced or dead?)

He had blonde hair, brown eyes, and a cheesy smile. He was allways weird. One time he came home dressed like Yogi Bear and I cracked up! I have gotten w-a-a-a-y off the subject, haven’t I? Well, we live in California (duh, I wanted to move back when I was little). That is, off the coast of Bodega Bay in a beach house (my favorite beach to this day). But we still own all the land until the sand starts on the beach. I love the beach. I go surfing every single day! (Side note: I suck at surfing. That is all.)

When I got to school, I tied Strawberry’s reigns to a tree and gave him a feeding bag and promised I’d be out at lunch time. Then, I met my best pals, Casandra, Jessica, Tiffany, Allison, and Elizabeth under a large oak tree.

That’s it. That’s the end of it. To note: My neighbor in California was Cassandra. She was a terrible person. Allison and Elizabeth were my best friends in California, and Jessica Lewey was my best friend in Missouri. I don’t know where “Tiffany” came from. This seems to have been written after watching How The West Was Fun. Will keep you posted on if I dig up any further info.


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