Darjeeling, Darling

Darjeeling Tea.

Such high expectations after my viewing of The Darjeeling Ltd., weeks ago. A viewing that happened far too late in my life for me to be given any type of credit as a pop culture savant. So sad that it took so long for me to see such an amazing film.

The tea sparked my interest. The label reads, “The champagne of black tea”. It’s good. but it’s not amazing.

Thus, I had to skip to the 7th floor for lemon tea this morning. Not necessarily a necessity… but still very much needed. And my mention of Darjeeling being the only tea on our floor sparked interest in a coworker, who then referenced The Darjeeling Ltd. Touche, my good friend. Touche. The quote was much appreciated, the scene explained vividly. The laughter that followed might have made me sound jolly, but it made my morning.

Thank you, also, for unlocking the door at the stairs for my escape. You truly are a gentleman. Just the bee’s knees.


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