Cameron, Cameron, Where For Art Thou Cameron?

July 21st was the Uniondale Warped Tour. Jess had had Alvi over the night before (which I had no idea about), and they were locked in her room [fighting very loudly] for a very long time. I made us raspberry pancakes (which no one else acknowledged or ate), put my makeup on, picked the perfect Warped outfit (does that even exist?) and waited on one of the barstools in the kitchen. Eventually, Jess was ready. Thankfully, by the time it was 40 minutes past when we were going to meet Katie and her boyfriend, they still hadn’t left her dorm. So, we met at Penn Station when we met at Penn Station. We got tickets to Uniondale as quickly as possible and ran to get on the train seconds before the doors closed (thankfully, or we would have had to wait an hour or more). Unfortunately for us, we weren’t exactly sure that we were even on the correct train until a couple of stops in, but assumed that if we were headed south we could eventually get there.

The whole train ride was a lot of ranting about said Italian. Understandable, but not a way to kick-start the day. I was just happy to be going, and didn’t complain. When we got to Uniondale, I realized I was already missing We Are The In Crowd’s set, so I was a bit peeved. But I just took it as it came. We got to the arena and stood in line for our passes (because, of course, we were on Four Year Strong’s guest list). When we got through the line, I realized I hadn’t been put down for a +1, and after trying to fix that through all of the contacts that I could (thanks anyway, Bryan!), Jess and I decided we could go home. It had been a fun adventure.

While we were walking to find her a restroom (and food), my spirits started to disintegrate. I felt like it was such a waste to go all the way to Uniondale, SEE the show from the other side of the fence, and NOT go–because I HAD a wristband! But Jess didn’t want to go home alone. She was telling me she could sit in a coffee shop and read or something and I could go, but I just felt guilty. I sat in Chipotle while she consumed a burrito bowl and a Corona, and my mom, dad and sister all called/texted to try and make me go to the show. It got to the point where I was almost in tears (I know, lame), and Jess realized she actually did truly want the experience of Warped Tour under her belt. So, we walked back (after stopping for Twix at a gas station), and Jess purchased a ticket–with the promise that I would buy us each a drink inside.

We walked in, and her eyes got huge as she tried to take in everything around her. One thing was clear–this was the dirtiest Warped I had ever stepped into. I showed her around to a bunch of tents, we took photos, and then she got a t-shirt at the tent right next to the All Time Low signing (don’t get me started on the fact that security wasn’t going to let us buy a shirt at a tent NEXT TO All Time Low… woof).

We also got free tattoos (not real, Dad). Because we love Africa. Duh.

That day, we saw way too many bands to name them all off. We caught the acoustic performance of “Kiss Me Again” by We Are The In Crowd while we were looking for a working ATM, and Jess fell in love. Finally, someone else around me KNOWS WHO THEY ARE **HIPSTER FREAK OUT**! Cam wasn’t playing the acoustic set, and I actually never got a chance to see him (darn my luck, Warped!).

We each had a mixed drink at the Beer Garden (you’re welcome, Bryan, for telling you about it) and created an imaginary scavenger hunt to complete while at Warped. I think this is a good idea for any time, but examples consisted of:

Sir, I am supposed to take a picture with a guy with a big nose.
Ummm I have to take a photo with a guy who is a threat to daughters…
I need to take a photo with a guy with pierced nipples.

You know, borderline offensive things that we could only get away with if the person wasn’t armed. So the idea of that was fun! We stood in line to meet You Met At Six (Jess had fallen in love with their guitarist), which was a big dud. But we DID get to watch the entire Pierce the Veil set–while in line. During that, I pointed out Josh from Every Avenue to Jess… she had never heard of them, but I had the pleasure of meeting those guys for an acoustic set in the newspaper office at my school two years ago. They aren’t touring with Warped this year, but Josh is campaigning his clothing line “We Are a Cut Above”. She was enthralled by him, and when we came back around for All Time Low, she saw him again and kept trying to convince me to go talk to him. He was backstage during ATL‘s set playing his guitar, and I kept telling her, “He is totally going to play with Breathe Carolina”.

Well, Jess still wanted me to talk to him. So I convinced Katie and her boyfriend–who we had lost for most of the day–to come backstage with me and talk to him. They did. We hung around the ATL guys for awhile and then finally worked up the courage to approach Josh. I don’t know why I froze up… perhaps because he is exponentially more awkward than anyone I have ever met (sorry, dude). Jess stood on the other side of the fence while Katie said, “This is my friend, Meredith” and never introduced herself (HAHAHAHAHAA). We talked for a moment, took a photo, and then I asked him to do me a favor. “Will you wave at the girl on the other side of the fence? She saw you walking around earlier and had no idea who you were so I told her DUH IT’S JOSH but she is kind of obsessed.” He laughed and waved and smiled (Thanks, Josh!), and that is when Jess deemed me “Best friend EVERRRRR”.

I know. I’m kind of a pimp.

We walked over to the We Are The In Crowd merch table where I bought my first concert shirt in WAY TOO LONG. I only committed to it because it says “Keep Calm & Kiss Me Again” and-with all this British shit going on with the Olympics and stuff-I thought it was relevant. And I love that song. And I love that band. We struck up a conversation with their merch guy–Mikey–who used to be in a band I loved called Rookie of The Year, who Crush also used to rep. He told us about his documentary dreams, and then gave us his full name so we could friend him on Facebook. He still hasn’t responded to my direct message (darn you, Mikey!).

Near the end of the evening, we went to watch the Breathe Carolina set. First of all, Josh was playing guitar with them (I am psychic, we all know that), and second of all, I am SO glad we went to that. There was this ridiculous energy all over the place–more moshing than I have seen in SO long! The guys came out into the crowd, people were falling, there was just mass chaos and SO. MUCH. BASS.

When I turned to talk to Jess at one point, she was not next to me. I looked back, and she was talking to some rando dude. So, I went back to see what was up and she turned to me and said, “It’s Guy. From the gym.”

So Guy is this guy that Jess has been obsessing over since she switched gyms. I didn’t realize until that day that she had never actually spoken with him, but they flirted a bit. He seemed cool. Tattoos. A Fueled By Ramen vendor bracelet (his friend works for them), and just a really chill guy. Jess was on a cloud, and said she only ever spoke to him because of me.

Awesome. I win again.

We tried to get backstage with his vendor pass on Jess’ wrist, but apparently vendors don’t get all-access—something he was not aware of. We walked around, took in some more music, and then Katie, Blaine, Jess and I headed back to the bus. It was a very crazy busy day.

And yes, I did get a sunburn on my nose.


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