The title of this post? That was the 1st email in my inbox this morning. Well EXCUUUUUSE me, NYC! Didn’t realize you were so offended by single people! Also, quit pointing it out. Woof.

The AC was working on the 7th floor, so my department took no time in moving upstairs. I sat by Rob’s desk, in the corner. Plus: I had my own desk. Negative: I was getting all of the direct light from the skylight. NOT cool. Being upstairs all day meant it was way more entertaining. My department understands that we are all quiet, busy people. So I know they wouldn’t take offense to that comment.

Yay Tuesdays.


Wednesday. I noticed older men creeping on younger women on my way to work. My newest thought? We should all walk around with our year of birth taped to our clothing so that people can monitor said creepiness. Just an idea.

Also, a woman was rolling her stroller into oncoming traffic. Great idea, lady. And a child kept trying to grab my hand on the subway. Wednesday morning was not my morning.

We were back upstairs. I sat at Katie’s desk with her. I also took peanut butter cookies that I made the night before. I gave one of the guys his own personal baggie, to the response of, “You. Did. NOT! You Em EFFER!” And everyone was like, “WHAT HAPPENED?!” And then they bombarded me. Good news was I brought lots of PB cookies and oreo truffles. The cookies were gone pretty quickly. Sorry to anyone who didn’t get them…

There was this massive storm in the middle of the day, and artists kept coming in to the studio drenched. It was hilarious. And distracting. There was a hail storm. The roof leaked like crazy. The entire city of New York was staring out our windows at the same time. It was very unproductive, and very fun.

I worked on an edit for Serial Optimist (an online publication I am now submitting work to), and blogs, etc. It was another very relaxing and extremely entertaining day.

When I got home, I had a text from my friend Shai asking me to go to drinks. I met him at Blockhead’s and we had a 20minute wait before we were seated, during which he spoke about how fundamentally against umbrellas he is. He was holding a new umbrella. I followed the hostess to the back, and turned around and he wasn’t there. He came through the door seconds later and admitted that his girlfriend was there… WITH ANOTHER MAN! So funny to me that he and his girlfriend would choose the same place for drinks. What a crazy random happenstance! So Danielle and her friend came out and then we all navigated inside for Red Nosed Bulldogs (which are really yummy and REALLY strong), reminiscing on days when we were employed together, talking about future endeavors, and giggling hysterically.

That was a good night. But the TV didn’t record “Baby Daddy”. What an unfortunate turn of events.


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