So on Monday (The 16th. I cannot believe I let myself get so far behind on this thing), I went to work. I don’t know why I stated this, because that should be a given, right? Well, when I got there, there was an electrical man in the elevator. APPARENTLY the power was out.

When we got out of the elevator, we were swimming in humidity. The Manhead employees stopped me when I walked in and said, “Power’s out. Nothing to do.” And they were correct. Everything was out. The refrigerator smelled rank, the A/C was off, there was a fan blasting on their faces but I don’t think the 6th floor office has one. It was miserable. So I went straight up to the 7th floor.

I had brought leftover oreo truffles, which should have been refrigerated, but I put them on Lauren’s desk and a lot of them were consumed. I was asked if I would consider baking as a profession, and said kind of but hadn’t really thought of it before (although so many people ask me, maybe I should!). Everyone was impressed with the truffles, so that’s good.

Katie was instructed to run an errand. We went together to get out of the heat (into the outside heat?) and then stopped by McD’s on our way back so she could get a drink and a smoothie. And lunch. Which she didn’t end up eating. I accidentally scratched some random person on the train when I was removing my hand from the bar to get out. She looked at me like I killed her first born. Whoops.

We went back, and my whole floor had gone home. I stuck it out a bit longer, but it was 90.4 degrees. So I tweeted “I’ve got my #BailFace on. 90.4 degrees in the office? Ya, I’m goin’ home” and headed out. When I got home, I stuck my head in the freezer. And it was phenomenal.

Jess and I decided to go see “Moonrise Kingdom” in Brooklyn at this cinema that only costs $7. So we went. We rode the F Train for 35 minutes and then walked. Couldn’t find it. Walked in the opposite direction. Couldn’t find it. Walked left. Nothing. Her GPS led us to another theater. Worthless. So we went to find Happy Hour somewhere.  We ended up at Apartment 138, Which serves brunch until 5pm and has Happy Hour from 12-7.  When we walked in, I decided to take Erin and Scott there when they visit. It was a good time, drinking light ale and eating fries. We talked and cooled off (lots of unnecessary walking that day).

At the end of the day, I was a happy little camper. Thankfully. And wiped out.


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