And Friday comes after Thursday…

At 9:20am, I was set to meet Nathan at the old old office to discuss the upcoming nuptials I was to oversee for him. He is the personal assistant for a couple of big wigs in Broadway, and one of them was getting married the following Sunday. Nathan had to be in Chicago to see his new nephew, so I was going to fill in for him and make sure everything ran smoothly. The build-up to it made me feel like JLo in The Wedding Planner, minus the headset. But if I had been supplied a headset, I would not have objected.

Our meeting was very brief. I spoke with him and a girl that used to work in the office space with us. My old boss used to call her a whore, but I know now more than ever that he was just judging her based on her “I don’t care” attitude–which, in all fairness, she really didn’t have to care about him. Plus, her style wasn’t all that bad. But he never went without making fun of her. She’s sweet to me, so I don’t care.

It was a rather uneventful day. I went back to the apartment and watched “Baby Daddy” online. Ari and Shai had invited me to go to Karaoke with the 87AM office that evening, but I had to convince them it was a bad idea because it was office bonding time. Well, they didn’t get it and they–as well as Brian–were texting me all night, telling me to get down there and sing with them. I really would have knocked all of their socks off, but it just wasn’t worth it to make anyone angry (and by anyone, if you know me then you know who I mean). I had fun with my roommates! I even tried to record myself singing and send it to Ari–until Michael walked in and I stopped singing abruptly. I was rockin’ out to Kelly Clarkson before that though!

I also got the “perfect work” comment from three sources that day. I’m kind of a big deal.


Friday. I met Katie at the F, and we walked to the Good Morning America Summerstage in the rain. Karmin. It was pretty entertaining. Not as much music as I had hoped, but they are no Beach Boys. And they had the smallest crowd I have seen yet, although it WAS raining so maybe that affected it. I watched them, and then we watched Dragonette come on stage. But we had to leave so we could swing by the apartment before we headed to work. I know… not being ready. Whoops!

I had to go to Staples that day to make copies. So Katie went with me the first time. On our way back, we walked in the direction of Cosi and saw fire trucks in Union Square. Turns out, there was a fire coming out of the vents of the subway. Literal fire. And because it was going through the vents, the streets smelled appalling. It was ridiculous. We got back to work and told everyone the subway was on fire. I felt like we would have to evacuate, but apparently it happens.

I was sent to Kinkos later. I started walking, and saw Dave (who shares the floor with us but is from Mighty 7), so I crouched and started growling at him. Because he had his earbuds in and was texting, he looked up and actually was frightened. I giggled. That’s what you get for not paying attention to your surroundings! Then it started raining so I had to double back after trying to wait it out under an awning. I got my umbrella, and was successful in that trip as well. We still couldn’t find the paper we wanted for the certificates, so it was a pretty fruitless, exhausting day.

After our short day at work, Katie and I ventured to MoMA. We were there too early for Target free Friday, so we walked around the book shop for about an hour, discovering small trinkets and reading. Unfortunately, when we realized it was time to line up, the line went around the block. We waited in line for the museum, then in line to check Katie’s bag… It took us less time to walk through the entire museum! Now, when I say “walk” for the two of us, I mean between jogging and running. We DID see the whole museum, but we AREN’T typical walkers and it did go by very quickly. Afterward, I walked her to the F and we went our separate ways.

I watched some TV and went to sleep rather early in preparation for the big weekend ahead.


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