People like the smell of baked goods, right?

Saturday. I baked. And by that I mean I spent most–if not all of it–baking cakes, smashing them and rolling them and making 150+ cake pop ball things. I then doused them in blue and “maize” chocolate in honor of Michigan State. I’m sure I watched plenty of TV, but I cannot recall exactly what. Jess DID say that eating the cake pops was like eating a little monkey’s brain… I would have taken offense to it, but her eyes popped out of her head. She likes little monkey brains, apparently.

I also made the first batch of oreo truffles, and then lost steam.

Sunday, wore a heating pad on my back all day. It’s like I threw my back out while baking so rigorously on Saturday (completely plausible, by the way). I made the second batch of oreo truffles. I ran out of blue and yellow chocolates, so I had to melt part of my easter bunny’s head to finish rolling the oreo happiness in. There was also an Arrested Development marathon, and I NEVER say no to Arrested Development. I was also too lazy to buy serving trays, so I made several out of albums. 

I changed into my yellow peplum dress (special request of Alex) and blue “Shakira” shoes (the shoe is CALLED Shakira. I didn’t name them.). Alex’s sister met me at my apartment and we cabbed together with all of our chocolate-y fun. When we found Lit Lounge (we were outside it forever whoops), we went downstairs and I unpacked the sugary sweetness. Alex, Nathan, Alex’s sister, and a few others were setting up. I was set up by the bar, and was to hawk my happiness for donations. 

Broadway singers started showing up. I was lit up by their presence. I have my fingers crossed that I can start to develop a more intense (and positive) personality when I first meet people. I do fine in interviews. But I need to make that lasting impression. And these guys have got it! I got SO many compliments on my desserts–lots of people asked me if I owned my own business, and telling me that I should. If only it were that easy…

Ari showed up and we bonded. And by that I mean I wasn’t standing in the corner alone awkwardly. We finally made signs for the desserts for donations (thanks, Aidan!) and abandoned them so we could enjoy the event a little bit. Ari and I caught up and laughed at Nathan’s reference to the space as an “S&M DUNGEON” in this terribly scary voice. It was hilarious! I really did have so much fun and am so proud of Broadway Belts 4 Bucks!

Jess met me at the venue with shoes and an umbrella that evening. She was supposed to be at the event, but she backs out of things all of the time and just didn’t tell me (per usual, which is a bit aggravating). But she did reconcile herself by showing up to go home with me. It was very sweet. We got some belgian fries and then went home–watched some TV and then went to sleep. 

Don’t EVER underestimate the difficulty/pain of baking!!


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