You Give Me That Hummingbird Heartbeat…

Thursday morning I was up and at ’em fairly early. After debating between outfits with my roommate (his vote lost, although I immediately regretted it), I was on my way to the post office to pick up YET ANOTHER package that they hadn’t actually tried our door for. NEW BUSINESS CARDS!  I was done early, and walked my happy ass down to the 68th St/Hunter College station for a change of scenery.

I had discovered the hot tea stash upstairs, so some lemon tea was on the agenda. I already have a tiny bladder, so 3 cups in I discovered the day was going to be an issue. About halfway through the day, I got a text from Katie upstairs saying, “Do you want any of the leftover chalkboard paint?” IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION?! Woof. So, I meandered upstairs and chilled with everyone for a while. I ate my lunch, ate some of Katie’s lunch (after we walked to Cosi), and had a pack of brownies she had stashed in her drawer. Always spoiling me!

After work, I went with Katie to Times Square to find the Claire’s store so she could get some new nose rings. We ended up in Herald Square, but that was fine. Once we reached Claire’s, I got really dizzy and sweaty. So I made us make a pit stop at Starbucks so I could try the new cookie frap. I’d like to think I was killing two birds with one stone (I REALLY wanted the drink and I was having blood sugar issues), but I was more afraid because of the blood sugar issues.

I led Katie to the NQR and then walked to Bryant Park for the F uptown. I went home, made some dinner, and tried to relax. Thursday… super entertaining.


Friday I woke up to go see Luke Bryan at GMA. I didn’t move. So, I didn’t go (Sorry, Luke Bryan!). I wasn’t completely out of energy though. By the time I was walking to work, I found myself walking next to a runner… who was RUNNING.


I had another box of bags to stuff with coupons. That took all of 20 minutes, because I am a hoss. Turns out the merch people are impressed with me too (hire me! hire me!). Around 1pm, Katie and I left work to run some errands. Post Office. Run into Kieran Culkin on the street (umm… hello!). Flatiron area for melting chocolates (for Broadway Belts for Bucks, of course!). Back to Union Square. UPS Store. Trader Joe’s for office coffee. Back to office. It took a little over an hour, and I think I missed a meeting. But all went well, and it was almost time to leave already!

When work was over, Katie and I headed to her dorm in Chinatown to drop our stuff off. Then it was time for Coney Island! I think she underestimated the time it would take to get down there, so there were no reading materials. Completely fine. We talked a lot. I annoyed her with ideas of what I would have said to Kieran Culkin if I had realized it was him earlier and hadn’t wussed out. “Fuller! Stop wetting the bed!” You know, annoying things like that. Poor girl.

It was a lot calmer than July 4th at the beach (surprise!) and since it was overcast, it was actually pretty relaxing. I made sure she got some photos, got to walk the boardwalk, and then we made a run to the original Nathan’s hot dog building. She had a chili cheese dog and I ordered bacon cheese fries (I mean, DUH!). Out of exhaustion, we headed back to Chinatown. I fetched my things, we bought some strawberries at a roadside vendor ($1/box) and then I went home.

If I remember correctly, I took a nap. Jess expressed an interest in going to see a movie, so we went to 86th Street and saw Katy Perry that evening. It was a phenomenal experience for me, even though I was aware of all of the “inside” information that the documentary “revealed”. Being a creep, I know these things. But it was a good time, and we walked home in the rain singing. We DID make a stop at Duane Reade on the way back, and I actually witnessed a jar of Nutella ON THE SHELF that had clearly been scooped into (you could see the scrape marks from the outside… HELLO!). Nasty. That is all.

When we got back, Michael had a friend over. I think he was pretty obnoxious, but that’s just me being judgmental. I retired to my room after a long night of talking and hanging out. I needed the sleep for the hellacious weekend of baking that was to follow…


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