“Woke up at 7:08 and have unsuccessfully been attempting sleep ever since. Now you know I consumed alcohol last night.”

First tweet of Saturday. It’s true. When I drink, I wake up excruciatingly early the next day and have this insatiable desire to clean and cook. Future housewife right here.

Around 11am, Michael and I took Jackson on a walk. Michael got some Java Girl coffee for himself (Ummm YUM) and then we walked up to the post office. Why did we walk to the post office? Because the post man left a “we missed you” note on our door on Friday. Which is funny since I was home virtually all day and he showed up while I was home and didn’t ring the doorbell. Or knock. Or buzz in. So he’s a lazy liar. You already brought the package here. What’s so difficult about being social for all of 2 seconds????? I was expecting a care package from my sisto, so I was super excited. Michael waited with Jackson while I ran in to retrieve my goodies.

Unfortunately, I have never had a normal experience at a post office in New York. Some older man was going crazy because his wallet got stolen and they were requesting his ID to get a package. He had a copy of his driver’s license that he had gotten sent to him by the state of Pennsylvania, and other forms of random ID he had managed to scrap up to try and get his letter. It was a certified letter and “VERY IMPORTANT”. He made it sound like he was pushing drugs or anthrax was in the envelope. He was screaming at literally everyone. I am sure that if he calmed down, they would want to help him a bit more. In general, anyone who works in customer service holds this as a belief. Be nice to them. They’ll want to help you.

I took the package home and ripped into it while Michael took a shower and got ready for work. Let me see if I can remember everything…: A Parade article featuring Katy Perry, Glamour magazine, USD Magazine, “Love Does” (which I found out is for our new book club), a compass keychain (so I don’t get lost), antibacterial lotion (for the dirty streets of NY), A Kit Kat (Keep in Touch, Kappa Alpha Theta), SweetTarts, Cookie Dough Bites (I have an odd addiction), Rolos (yummm), popcorn and cheesy popcorn topping (I can’t eat plain popcorn), two pictures Elaina drew for me, new earbuds (in a Step Up: Revolution case… MY FAVORITE), heat wraps for my aching joints, 2 boxes of funfetti cake mix (one has already been demolished), fruit snacks, some coupons, $40 (from a recent photo shoot), and two thank you notes from friends (a wedding and a grad party). WOOF! That’s sisto for ya, though. She loves me and puts a lot of thought into her gifts!

After I put everything away, I might have watched a movie. I KNOW I watched “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “Father of The Bride”, and “Bride Wars”. They were all on LifeTime. Surprise. I worked out a little bit (planks off and on and crunches count), and consumed too many CheezIts. I also started reading the book club book. I fell asleep to a thunderstorm. 

A day in the life.


Sunday, my dear friend Jenny asked me what my life plan was. This both irked me and got me thinking. I love my friends, but sometimes they don’t see what they say the way I see it. So, I had to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

Let me be clear. I have NO plan for my life. I have things I would like to do; goals that I might like to reach. But I have such an open mind that it is impossible for me to pinpoint specific goals right now. I have the drive, but I want to apply it to so many different things. This is why I am scattered. I don’t even know what I will be doing two months from now. I’m a hippie. And that’s okay.

Jenny redeemed herself when she said, “I think you could pass as a modern day indie hippie. It’s like your thing.”  Good job, Jenny.

I watched movies Sunday. And spazzed about if I would have someone willing to help me by buying my new MetroCard. Thankfully, Mikey agreed to meet me Monday morning to get my MetroCard and was going to allow me to cut him a check for it. Coworkers are awesome when all other avenues fail. As a side note: Ari had been at a funeral, Jess didn’t come home Sunday like she said she would, and Michael forgot to get the MetroCard after work. In his defense, I understand forgetfulness. But I also think he didn’t want to spend the $$ when he had just spent $150 on a new jacket. Frustrating.

Rant over. Weekend over. 


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