I can’t get Fix a Heart out of my HEAD, DEMI!

Wednesday was actually mildly entertaining. I woke up early to go to an 8am appointment in Union Square. I made it and was done by 9:15, so I took the F back up to the apartment. Mostly, it was because I was a bit ashamed of my outfit. I felt like I looked like a 12 year old. Although, reflecting on it, I realize the outfit wasn’t all that bad. I’m just super particular. So I changed into my green dress, put some makeup on, put my zebra scarf on and some zebra earrings in my ears, messed up my hair a little bit more (can curly ever BE too messy?) and put some red gloss on. Might has well rock it right, huh?

I got the stats reports done rather quickly, and then was bored. All of management and my department were in a meeting, so it was empty on my floor. I went upstairs to get a cord for Mikey, and then I got to help paint the new chalkboard wall 🙂 It was kinda fun just getting to hang out and talk with the two interns upstairs and Caitie, the assistant. Katie and I went to get her some lunch, and then I ate upstairs with them. When I went back downstairs, my coworkers were still in their meeting. I felt rather accomplished for the morning.

Until I found paint on my knee. Whoops.

Jason Bateman tweeted early in the morning about starting production on the new Arrested Development episodes in a month. When Erin woke up, she told me he was in her dream and was helping her with film. He had asked her to be in the episodes. So funny that that probably happened while I was reading that new information. Yeah, it’s a psychic thing. 

Around 7, I left. On the subway, I guess some random guy in blue was really pissing off the train conductor. So, he went on the loudspeaker and said, “You! In the back in the blue shirt! Quit holdin’ up my train operation!” So funny. I had to suppress a laugh.

I got home, made some turkey sausage and hash browns, and chilled. Jess and I left to meet Paul, Matt, and Paul’s roommate (don’t sue me for forgetting his name) at Big Gay Ice Cream in the East Village. The line was horrendous, so Jess and I got some soft serve around the corner. The peanut butter hit the spot. I left happy 🙂 But Paul had made some digs at Jess in conversation, so I spent the whole way back and part of the time at home trying to convince her that everything was fine and not to worry about the things that people say. Some people don’t realize the gravity of their words (ahem, HALF the people I know). It’s called a lack of common sense. She agreed. But it was still a long conversation.

When I got home, I went to check the recording of “Baby Daddy”. I had missed the show by minutes because Jess wouldn’t go to the East Village without me. Unfortunately, we had gone over on scheduled shows. It didn’t record mine. I’m a bit angry.

Actually, I think now I will try to watch that.


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