Anyone seems like a well of talent and emotion next to Kristen Stewart!

Monday, Monday, Monday!

I woke up early like I usually promise myself I will and never actually do. This was a feat for me. I spent a bit of time with Michael before he left for school. I did some yoga and took my time getting ready. It was glorious. I met Mikey at the 59th St. stop and we got my MetroCard. Then we went to work. Yeeeee.

After work I went with Katie to help her grocery shop at Trader Joe’s. The line was out the door though, so we just got stuff at Walgreens. I got ingredients for oreo truffles for the Broadway Belts event on Sunday, for which I have been asked to bake sugary sweetness! YAY!

When I got home, I found Michael and his friend Jamaal, deep in drink. Michael had gone to school and not gone to class that day, and now they were blending alcoholic beverages. They fixed me one, and I enjoyed. Then I watched Elizabethtown and texted my good friend Sam Shorey about how she reminds me of Kirsten Dunst’s character. Tis true!

I finished “Love Does” after the movie ended. Twas a nice evening.


Tuesday!!!!!!!! First thing on my way to work, a smart car cut me off when I had the right-away. That’s alright. I almost made a dent in your stupid “smart” vehicle. I should have just kicked it. Thing would have been totaled. I was also entertained by a man walking in front of me with his two kids. He was wearing too-short purple paisley shorts and a pink cotton button-up. Poor kids.

After work, Katie and I went to the 99cent mega store in midtown and I picked up some cake mix for Sunday! I left a very happy camper. I got home, made some pizza muffins (a pinterest craft), and Jess finally came home! I had left a cut out quote, a cappuccino candle, and some cakies on her bed. She couldn’t have been more excited, so that was a good thing to do I guess!

This is such a terrible blog post. I’m just gonna call myself out on this one.


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