A vague attempt at last weekend…

Yeah, I suck at posting. Give me a break, here!

Saturday, 3 weddings happened back home. Two that I TRULY cared about, so congratulations to Lauren Scheerer (now Mrs. Hawkins!) and Allison Ehlers (now Mrs. Sexson!)!!!

Anyhow, I don’t remember much from last week. I remember waking up early Saturday, wanting to do something. I think I left the apartment, but don’t remember why. I relaxed a lot, and then Michael got antsy so we left and just rode the subway until we wanted to get off. We got off at Wall Street and walked around downtown. It is extremely peaceful in that area without all of the traffic that the rest of Manhattan brings with it. We scoped out some cute pubs, and I decided on some places that my sister might like to dine at when she comes out to visit. We walked over to Battery Park and watched some colonial-looking sailboats glide past the Statue of Liberty, which was an oddly surreal experience. And we enjoyed some of a play in the park, which was interesting with no props. We wandered over to the construction of the 9/11 Memorial, and then got back on a train going north. All in all, it was a good afternoon.

When we got home, Jess had gotten ready to go to dinner. But then she and THE ITALIAN had gotten into a fight, so she was all dressed up and pissed off. So she asked me to go with her while she ate somewhere, and then requested that I wear heels. I obliged, because she promised it would just be across the street. What she didn’t mention was that it was across the street… and across another street… and across another street. I was a bit peeved when we ended up where we did because it was a tiny bar we have been to, and it wasn’t that close. I ordered an incredibly overpriced drink, and was just going to enjoy her company while she ate an appetizer of sorts. She was texting for the first 5 minutes, and then said, “No worries! Alvi is going to come rescue me!”

Um. Rescue you from what? Did I kidnap you? Did I happen to make you wear heels or a dress? Did I force you to come drink with me?

That was a moment of complete anger. But I kept my cool. I downed the drink and walked Jess to a corner where she met Alvi, and they walked into the sunset. They had been so angry at each other just an hour before, but all was healed so I could move on.



I got a text from Alex Bisker at about 10:30am inviting Ari and myself to brunch. Alex was finishing up a game of sand volleyball in Central Park against some crazy Germans, so she asked me to meet her at 59th St. Ari was in Brooklyn, so she did not partake. I walked to 59th, on the phone with my mom and then my dad and my sister. You know how New Yorkers are always portrayed as on their phones? They are. But only when they’re walking. We have our reasons. When I got to 59th, Alex told me she was on the west side, not my east side. So I then walked along south Central Park at a fast pace, trying to get there as quickly as possible. It was 93degrees. 

I met her at Starbucks and we walked to Route 66. There, I enjoyed the most enormous frittata I have ever seen (Sicilian style), some potatoes, and a free Mimosa. It was great catching up with Alex. I miss her so much all of the time! She told me about some amazing opportunities coming up for her, and I am now very excited to be plugging the Broadway Belts event on July 15th

At one point, Alex left the table for a moment and I felt awkward sitting about 2 feet from the table next to us, so I started singing the song that was playing. It was One Direction. So that was a fail in its own right (why do I know the words to a One Direction song?!?!?!).

I walked Alex to another Starbucks so she could get some work done (We all understand the sentiment of not being able to get work done at home. Ahem! I haven’t written a blog entry for a week!). I speed walked back to my apartment. All in all, I walked 3.4miles in that disgusting heat. But it was worth the amazing company and the good food (which proved to be just as good when I heated it up for lunch at work).

I was home for awhile with the roommates, just hanging out. Alvi and Jess were broken up (I still don’t know how that happened in such a small window of time). Michael brought cranberry Smirnoff to the house, so I partook in some drinkage while we watched Saving Silverman. Funny how I could have gone so long in this life without seeing it! In the middle of the movie, Jess got crazy cravings for Dunkin Donuts, so I walked with her to get some. Somehow I was able to resist my urge for them, which has never actually happened. Ever.

I ended the day watching The Incredibles on TV, aka Michelle and Joe. 

I am now realizing that my blog entries are substantially less endearing when I can’t remember the series of events of the day. I am really going to work on this, guys. I am just not used to this whole “diary” thing. Woof.


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