So that was my Friday…

On Friday I had an appointment in Union Square at 8:30am. Unfortunately, this meant I had to miss LMFAO in Central Park. I saw them on GMA this year while walking to work already, so I won’t complain. I went to the appointment and then settles into a booth at Bourbon Coffee with a blueberry bar to hang out on my computer for a little bit (you know, for another hour and a half until work started). I was dressed in a Mini Mouse sweatshirt, black shorts, a gray bow, converse, and didn’t have makeup on. It was one of those days that I thought “If anyone looks at me twice, then they are probably a pedophile”. I looked like I was 12. Not 17, per usual.

Anyway, I was good for the first hour or so in Bourbon and then this distressingly old man had the audacity to sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME when there were chairs EVERYWHERE. He then plugged all of his gadgets into the wall next to my feet, which was alarming and difficult to get out of when it finally was time to leave. He was on his phone, talking loudly, and looking at my computer and I was just annoyed. So I headed out a bit early and got to work (surprise) early.

It was a very relaxing day. I left on time, and stood in Union Square and spoke with my mom about my grandpa. While I was on the phone, this lady came up to me and just stood like, 2 feet from me. Probably less. She was all up in my grill. And she knew I was on the phone. And when I turned to look at her a little bit (and turned away quickly), she started talking to me. I AM ON THE PHONE, YOU CRAZY PERSON! GIVE ME SPACE! “Are you Jewish? I am selling Shabbat candles.” “No, I am not. Sorry.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I am sure I am not Jewish.” “But I have some wonderful Shabbat candles.” “No, thank you.” Continue speaking with my mom. People here… ALWAYS think I am Jewish.

Then I was in the subway, and a cop had his hand on his gun and was yelling at some punk. Comforting.

So I got home. And I wasn’t expecting to really do anything (Katie had told me that we couldn’t get tickets to the show after all), so I waited for Jess to get home so we could go get groceries.

She got home late. And then had a master panic attack/freak out. And Katie had told me we WERE going to the show and to meet her at 6:40. So, by the time Jess’ freak out had ended, I had no time to grocery shop. She required sweets, so she ran next door and got mix for S’More Brownies. We made those. I burnt my tongue on them. And then I was off to Gramercy for Motion City.

We were on Motion City Soundtrack’s list. No big deal. And I felt like I was 15 again. Which, Katie later pointed out, is the age that the other intern (Lauren) thinks I am. There’s a 7 year gap between 15 and 22, last time I checked. I have the face of a baby. Oh well. And, out of the entire place, I had the crazy gross drunk couple standing all up in my grill (in front of me) and making out. And they wanted the attention so they kept doing it. Which was really annoying for the first two bands, but then Katie and I went downstairs for a bit (saw Doug Benson) and watched Motion from the middle of the house instead. MUCH easier.

Called my sister on my way back from the subway to my casa. She was with Michelle, Joe, Elaina and Tim so I got to say hi to all of them. Good mood, overall. Very lucky girl. I got home and conked.


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