Watching the Guys’ Choice Awards in reverse…

Wednesday… I waited for my roommate to be ready before I left for work. That was a mistake, but whatever. It didn’t make me that late. But we did take the NQR line instead of a 4 or 5, and it did add time to my commute. She talked the whole way about herself, too, so I was happy when she got off at Times Square (Sorry, I love you, but we all know mornings are not my thing!).

When I got to 11th St, I crossed the street with fervor. Unfortunately for me, I crossed on the crosswalk right in front of a cop who had their lights on while it was their right of way. Fortunately for me, the cop slowed down and nodded at me. IN THE CLEAR! Also, I look wholesome. That can get you places, ya know!

I gave the cookies to the office—Mikey ate a vegan one because he said they looked good. And he liked it! Poor, allergic child. Even Brendan was all about the vegan cookies! He asked if he could have one, and I was like, “That’s why I made them. HAVE THEM ALL!” He asked me, “Is that another way of saying that they are terrible and you don’t want them?” Hmmmm no. Yes. No. “They aren’t the right consistency. But if you nuke ‘em, I’m sure they’re better!” “No, this is really good. I really like this. I must not know the difference!” Score. Everyone wins.

I wish I remember anything else that happened that day. I remember it all yesterday, as I wrote about Monday and Tuesday, but seriously my brain isn’t functioning. That might also be a direct result of the fact that it is only 9:08am, and I am not used to thinking anymore until 10:30am, really (I blame the internship’s inconvenient hours—actually, I love them!).

I got home, ate some turkey sausage, pineapple, edamame, and nuts. I watched “Baby Daddy” (seriously love Tahj Mowry in that show) and then “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with the roommates. My sister called me to tell me how she found photos and a “true account” of my former roommate’s weight loss in a blog that someone had pinned on Pinterest. I didn’t like that girl. She also used to say she had always been thin.


But Erin was also watching “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. SURPRISE! TWIN MOMENT! And Michelle was watching “How I Met Your Mother”. So we’re all Jason Segel crazies!

I downloaded “Friends With Benefits” (to benefit my roommates, who haven’t seen it) and the entire first season of “Wilfred” that night as well. I have some catching up to do. J


Thursday morning, I was getting ready when my dad texted me to tell me that my grandpa was in the hospital with kidney transplant issues. That was a downer. I called my mom on my way to the subway to get details, and she told me what she could. Prayed. I was walking up from the subway when I noticed a “Caution Wet Floor” sign underground. The problem was that the floor wasn’t wet, and people just kept tripping on the sign. This is the age-old lesson to watch where you’re going (Too many people in NYC don’t pay attention when they walk, and instead look at their feet. This can really mess up your face. When you trip. And you fall.) So, I petition that, with every “Caution Wet Floor” sign, there is an additional floor sign that reads: “Caution: Wet Floor Sign”.

Perhaps this will warn people of their impending doom?

I texted one of the interns upstairs—Katie—near the middle of the workday to see what was going on upstairs. She offered me a ticket to go see Motion City Soundtrack on Friday. I asked how much and what time, and she said that it had been sold out but Rob (one of the managers) got her two tickets for free. Score.

Friday night: planned.

I called my mom around lunch and got more details on grandpa. Looked up Greyhound bus tickets. She talked me out of it. I left half an hour early, and walked around Union Square. I watched some people teach dance lessons at a summer stage, and spoke with my mom. I called Erin. She was still at work, so that phone conversation ended quickly. Then I decided to stock up on wine so that I have it on hand when needed. So I went to Trader Joe’s and bought 4 bottles ($14.11, baby!). I always have the greatest chats with Trader Joe’s employees. They’re always so polite and they love to compliment you when you take the time to get to know them—energy boost to everyone’s day!

I got home and ate a pita with hummus. I wasn’t too hungry after my giant lunch (ok, it was the two bread “pizza” thing again), so I just snacked on a couple of things. I had planned to go out to a party that I was on a list for with Ari around 10pm, but she was going through a rollercoaster of tired, then awake. Then tired, then awake. She was tired, and I wasn’t going to push it. I like relaxing weeknights. Color me old. I watched a bunch of “Awkward” episodes and got Michael to love the show. So, A+ for me! And we watched the season premier of “Awkward” after I took a shower. After that, I planned my Friday and went. To. Sleep.


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