“I think I concussed myself in the shower.”

Saturday I woke up late. Well, actually, I woke up at 8am. No matter what my alcohol consumption is or what time zone I’m in or how late I am up, I am always awake by 8am the next day. ALWAYS. So, I stayed in bed, of course, until after noon. Why would I exert unnecessary energy? Anyway, Jessica Corona was wandering the Upper East Side so I told her she could come over. She got lost so she didn’t show up for awhile, but I watched TV and worked on some things (don’t ask me what I worked on because I couldn’t actually tell you). When she got there, we watched TV and hung out. Then we got hungry so we walked about a block over.

She bought me this ENORMOUS chicken pita sandwich. It was all sorts of ridiculous. My eyes were obviously bigger than my stomach, and I ate the entire thing. Instantly regrettable decision, but I don’t think I could have stopped myself. She left and I watched more TV and worked on more things (I am sure there was a movie in there somewhere, but really who knows?). Jessica called me and asked me if I wanted to go to a comedy club with her. In my current state–one of pure exhaustion for no reason other than as a direct result of my laziness–I didn’t want to. But I said yes. And she was on her way back up (that little trooper!).

I met her a few blocks from my apartment, and we headed to the comedy club. It was a lot farther away than I had originally estimated, but it was gorgeous outside so I didn’t mind. I think she did, though, because she was wearing heels. When we were about a square block away, she realized she might not have the tickets. So she dug in her purse. And dug. And dug. And they were not there! So, instead of fretting, we walked back to my apartment and just hung out (and watched more TV). She stayed the night because it was already so late anyway.

On Sunday, I forced myself to stay in bed until around 10:30am. Jessica bailed, which left Michael a bit sad because he thought she was going to go to PRIDE with us. Michael didn’t even really want to go, but we kept telling ourselves that it was an experience we needed. So, we left around 1pm and took the R to 23rd St, where we chilled and watched the parade. Some random homeless guy had covered himself in rainbow flags, and kept trying to get me to take a photo of him. “I’ll let you take a photo of me for free!” No.

Michael got thirsty. And hungry, apparently, because at the Union Square McDonald’s he got a hamburger, a diet coke, AND a chocolate shake. And then we went to ABC Furnishings to look around. I was amazed at how reminiscent it was of a museum–LOVED it. So much fun! We wandered around and back to the apartment, where I cleaned a bit (Michael did a thorough scrubbing of the apartment), and I took a nap.

My next mission of the day? I met my friend Paige (who I met in college as well and is in town for an internship) at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for 5:30pm mass. Mom, you would be proud… I got all of the “new” words right this time! It was gorgeous, so when the homily got boring and my ears were bleeding (sorry, whatever minister was speaking), my eyes wandered and I was captivated by the beauty of it all. The only really odd thing was the way everyone got up and RAN out of their seats when it was time for Communion. It didn’t make any sense. Like, hold up strangers! We will all get an opportunity to consume a wafer! Wait your turn! Woof!

After mass, we walked up 5th and along the edge of Central Park to my apartment. I grabbed my debit card and then we went to Alice’s Tea Cup. Of course we both ordered the same thing (because we’re awesome)–chicken salad sandwich was AMAZING–and chatted. Once again, it is awesome to catch up with people in person when there are no time limits.

I walked Paige to the NQR and got back to my apartment relatively early. I hit my head in the shower, at which point I assumed concussion. It was probably just my vertigo, which has been awkwardly flaring up again. I watched TV with Michael and then went to sleep.

I know. I am super entertaining


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