“If you’re going to smoke weed, at least have the decency to buy it… don’t steal it.”

…MY DAD!!!!

Today, I thought I’d be super cute. My idea was to rinse my hair and let it dry, letting the curl go crazy and piling it on my head (like I do at the end of each day, which I assume looks really awesome). So, I cut a shirt off and made it into a headband thing (yeah… I’d been wondering about new hair sashes/scarves and this is the perfect solution). I prepared coffee on Wednesday night, so I made myself some iced coffee to drink. I put my [wet] hair into a pile on my head and put my headband/sash/scarf thing in and tied it with a little [red] bow. I put on a red slouchy top, black shorts, and my new green/teal shoes. I would have had my white silk shorts on, but apparently losing weight in your legs makes it easy for shorts to ride DOWN your legs (I’m so used to everything riding up that I am not even remotely used to it). I put some cereal in a bag, looked around 758927489352 times to make sure I had everything (my laptop was still at work), and left.

I was definitely there on time.

When I got to work, I called The Salvation Army about picking up some old t-shirts. When I gave them my name, I focused a lot on the syllables. And that made me think: Do I pronounce my name with 2 or 3 syllables? And I over-thought it. Then I asked that question out loud. All I got was a judgmental look from Brendan and no response from Mikey. So, I guess my humor isn’t as appreciated here as I had hoped. That’s ok. I have time to work on them.

But really, how many syllables does my name have?

I put the DVD I was rendering on Brendan’s desk. Later, I made sure to save it to a hard drive for him. I filled my water bottle and started in on an assignment I got the instructions for Wednesday and was due on Friday. I had to make sure I kept hydrated since it was projected to be 100+ degrees outside with 70%+ humidity. Yeah….

Around 12:30, Intern Katie asked me if I wanted to walk with her to Cosi for her lunch. YAY! So, I got out of work and walked with her… learned about her life… the weather wasn’t as humid as the forecast indicated, so it was actually alright to walk the 2 blocks up to get her lunch. I got to hear about her school plans (ew, I’m like, 3 years older than her!) and hear that the upstairs is just as boring as downstairs sometimes. We walked back, and on our way into the elevator we passed 3 of my department coworkers and some managers from upstairs.

Katie came to the 6th floor and she, Mikey and I ate lunch (I brought bread with garlic sauce and cheese and heated it up) while we watched MTV to see if Cobra Starship was on it (as promised).

At the end of the day, I was taking CD art out of jewel cases so that the recording studios upstairs could use some empty jewel cases. I know, I’m SO SWEET (and Gaby said it was a good idea)!! I left around 7:10pm, and was off to SOHO to see the FABULOUS Ari for a “break” at her job.

Note: It was 7pm. And she was finally going on a break. One of the MANY, MANY reasons I left my previous job. Unfortunate, but I do love this woman!

We went to One Mile Creek for a beer. Or two. And some appetizer nonsense. It was AMAZING. And then… SHAI SHOWED UP (even though he said he wasn’t coming)!!!! So, alcohol was consumed and SOME food was consumed and I walked them back to their office.

And I’m pretty sure they’re icing the office in the morning.

Jess found me on Spring St. and we cabbed to Hot n Crusty, where she purchased us a keish, a cannoli, and a fruit tart to share. Yum.

And this is pleasant I guess.


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