The Solstice With the Mostest

For my one committed reader (thank you, mom), I’d appreciate it if you checked out the hilarity that I began MY morning with: I love The Gothamist. Thank you, Gaby.

At this point, all of the days are blurring together. Tuesday, I wore my Kanrocksas shirt to work because it matched my brand-new shows. Yeah, that’s a bit dorky. Good thing is that Mikey and I were basically the only people in the office for most of the day. Unfortunately, Gaby had a family emergency and was in Connecticut. Brendan was at a client’s shoot for most of the day (which we didn’t know until he showed up way later), and Dan left early and didn’t come back until late. Busy, busy, busy.

Except me. I was bored out of my mind. I read some of a book, and meandered around the office. Jess has been talking about going to New Orleans for her birthday in September so, naturally, I got a text at one point asking me what state New Orleans is in. At lunch, I left and had some bagel shop (maybe called Harvey’s?) with Jess. We just walked until we found something. I had the Cal Club, which was chicken salad, B, L, and T. On a whole wheat bagel. With coleslaw. And a pickle.

Free froyo samples on our way back to the office! Whoo hoo! And-even though I didn’t have much to do-I stuck it out until the end of the day. I caught up on my amazing friend’s blog ( I entered a poetry contest (my last post). I posted about the weekend on this stupid blog. I stopped by Trader Joe’s to see if they had any REAL maple syrup (You New Yorkers and the way you rave about it being “real”…). They did, of course, but the line was out the door and all the way at the Trader Joe’s Wine Shop (think Trader Joe’s at 14th St.), which is the store I would have rather been in. I wasn’t going to WAIT that long for SYRUP. So, I went to the Gourmet Garage downstairs from my apartment and met Jess there. She bought syrup. And then didn’t make pancakes.

We rented the movie “Wanderlust” that night. Once again, AMAZING job to Paul Rudd!

“Did I just get wink, point, shit-canned?”

Yesterday, I awoke ready for the heat. Literally. I work a blue dress and pink flats, left my hair a crinkly mess, and didn’t put makeup on. I left early for work, wanting to walk slowly so I didn’t look so gross later on.

I got to Union Square ENTIRELY too early. Awesome? Sure. Whatever. I didn’t see any storefronts with “Solstice Specials” or anything. A tad disappointing, considering I could have gotten a half-price shake all day at Sonic, $2 drinks at Caribou Coffee, or some other fancy discount in ANY OTHER STATE. New York, you fail me. Once again. The Farmer’s Market didn’t have any cold, amazing-looking beverages either. So, I bypassed that and spoke to my mom on the phone outside of Jamba Juice, which was calling my name but not loud enough. I went to work, caught the elevator with Mikey and some rando, and walked in at 10:16am.

My big task for the day? Cleaning the closet. Which was actually fun. Dan had already pulled a bunch of stuff out, and I just had to type out inventory, we read it out loud, and then decided what to keep and what to get rid of. Three boxes of brand-new shirts are on their way to the Salvation Army on the 3rd, which is awesome! We had boxes of vinyl records, too! So, guess who took a stack and will take more today?! Even if the music sucks or is repetitive, they make for fun crafts! I also took a handful of white bathroom tile (we have to get rid of it). I hit the jackpot on that yesterday. What other job would get me free vinyl and crafting supplies?

Cleaning the closet also allowed for more intern “bonding” time (aka I wasn’t incredibly too awkward all day and went upstairs several times to have actual conversations with actual people). Human interaction = That’s a plus.

Because the video I was rendering took forever and a day to load, I had to leave my baby computer at work overnight. Which was fine, but still scary. Left the office, heavy vinyl in bag on my shoulder, and made it back to the apartment, huffing and puffing. I wanted to figure out something fun to do for summer solstice, but I barely got myself in the door when Michael-who had been in Tennessee for five days-asked me what I was doing. So, we took the bus down to 14th St and met Paul (the child who took my bedroom for the 2 months while I was home) at Trader Joe’s, where he was buying the world. We all went back to Paul’s apartment in StuyTown and had some Trader Jose (yummm beer) while we caught up. After that, we raced home, I showered, and passed out.

Not the most entertaining of days, but enjoyable.

I did have a request for some poetry, which I shall share with you now. Try not to gasp in disbelief at my talents. Topic: Weather.


The days drag on with such insignificance.

The hours tick by,

and with them come beads of sweat.

The fan is the day’s escape,

late at night in an anti-social room.


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