Almost choked on Spongebob. THAT would have been embarrassing.

Monday morning, I woke up ready to tease and spray my hair, smother on the rouge, and go in to work vintaged-out. However, the weather in NYC really does want all of my hair-related efforts to go to complete waste. I could do the whole “I don’t care about my hair” thing and it would STILL not look right. So there’s that.

Instead, I ended up wearing a mustard-colored dress that my sister got me (very classy, very chic), pinning my hair back (in a very unflattering way, I’m sure), and wearing bright orange lipstick. It didn’t altogether look half bad, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I left the apartment late that morning, and was 4 minutes late to work. It’s a good thing my bosses aren’t time nazis or WORK nazis. I’ve had really about enough of THAT in my life.

I ran to get double A batteries for the guys upstairs at Duane Reade. The guy parking cars at the Avis next door complimented my “shades” (thanks for the cat eye glasses, ERIN!), and the weather was nice, so it wasn’t a bad trip (this sounds like a drug reference. HMMM). I came back and worked on a blog for one of our bands, did some research on some of our clients, emptied my laptop of old downloads (sorry, I don’t think I need my Philosophy syllabus from three years ago) and just did very intern-y things while I munched on the cheesy biscuits I made this weekend. Twas divine.

I didn’t end up eating a “meal” until about 4pm. I had my spongebob macaroni and cheese waiting for me in the fridge, and was asked if I’d had lunch several times by my coworkers. By the time I got it out, I felt like everyone was thinking I was anorexic or something. In all actuality, they probably didn’t put any thought into it at all. But, in my mind, everything is about ME… so of COURSE they were staring me down, waiting for me to take my first bite.

I choked a bit on that first bite. Just a tiny bit.

Brendan asked me to FedEx a backup hard drive with one of the band’s performances on it. I was going to. There was never a question about it. But I had to email Gaby (ACROSS THE ROOM) to ask if we had a FedEx account or if I would fill out a reimbursement form. I was getting anxious about going to the FedEx drop off and sending the package the right way. I’ve never technically sent anything the WRONG way, but it still freaks me out.

And that’s something EVERYONE should know about me. I get MASSIVE anxiety when asked to go to The Apple Store, or to go to FedEx or UPS. It freaks me out. Don’t ask me why. I’ve never necessarily had an easy time at any of those places. Even the post office freaks me out a bit. If you have ever been to any of these places in NYC, you might especially understand my sentiment.

We went upstairs at one point to “surprise” Brendan for his birthday. I guess they “surprise” everyone for their birthday (dammit, mine has passed) with dessert of some sort. Brendan, being vegan, got vegan cupcakes. And we sang. And I made small talk with the other interns (I NEED FRIENDS, OKAY?!). And then I came back downstairs and worked on creating concert events on Facebook for another client.

Around 7:10, I was collecting the trash and out of the office. (Oh no… my stomach just made a REALLY terrible growling noise in a VERY quiet office. Once again, it’s all about me.)

It was very, very crowded in the subway. It was cool enough to wear a jacket while walking, but then it was unbearably hot on the train. Thank goodness the apartment was empty when I got back, so I hopped in the shower to feel less gross.

I made myself a mini pizza (sourdough bread, cream cheese, shredded cheese, and marinara sauce toasted to perfection) and heated up some edamame to enjoy for dinner. I went to the TV, turned on “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” (we had rented it Sunday night and watched it… but it was SO good I had to watch it again!), and opened my laptop. And my dad was video calling me on Skype.

I got to have a nice, long chat with my dad, my mom, and my brother (Hi, Ian… this was the first time I had spoken to him since coming back to NYC. The little jerk.). I tried, extensively, to explain to my dad what “vegan” meant (Wikipedia does a better job). Even though Ian had gotten off his shift at his first real job EVER over 2 hours prior, he was still wearing his uniform: a long sleeve black button up, black slacks, a terrible black tie with cartoon popcorn and movie reels on it, and one of those name tags that you can pull on and it will snap back and hit you in the face. And a new haircut. What a snazzy dude. Although, I completely disagree with his new coworkers, who apparently were claiming that he looked like Neil Patrick Harris as Doogie Howser. They’re all fresh out of high school, if that. What makes them think they have even SEEN an episode of Doogie? I haven’t even seen an episode of Doogie. Let’s be real here.

After Skype, Jess and I watched the movie, ate salads (she is ALWAYS making salads), I had about a third of my cocoa almond butter straight out of the jar for NO reason, and then I got ready for bed. Entertaining? Not necessarily. But it’s something!

Oh, and here’s some musical fun for you today. I love this song, and the video isn’t half bad. Enjoy.


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