Let’s Go Surfin’ Now…

Friday morning. 6:07am. Up. I woke Jessica up. Then I got Michael out of his bed. We were ready and out the door by 6:38am. A short walk over to Central Park, and we were watching The Beach Boys soundcheck for Good Morning America. Michael was more interested in watching the half naked sand volleyball players, whereas Jessica and I were just about too tired to do practically ANYTHING. We cheered, watched the guys awkwardly try to move (moves like Jagger, anyone?), and laughed at the original keyboardist’s pinky ring (NO ONE over the age of… EVER should be caught DEAD wearing a pinky ring). We watched them until roughly 8:10am (so many screaming old ladies and crazy out-of-towners, oy vey!), then walked over to Alice’s Tea Cup to enjoy a nice sit-down breakfast. I got two scones and a pot of tea. The pumpkin scone was PERFECT for breakfast, and went swimmingly with the cinnamon chai tea. I took the chocolate chip scone back in a bag. We said farewell to Jessica, and walked back to the apartment. It took me a short time to get ready, then I was out the door, to BK to feed the cats, and back to Union Square in record time to go to work.

On my way through Union Square, I was stopped by two separate gentlemen who weren’t at all associated with each other, and both said–at separate times–“God Bless You, Miss”. So, crazies exist in Union Square as well.  Also, WHAT MAKES ME LOOK APPROACHABLE?!?! And WHERE IS ARI WHEN YOU NEED HER?!?!

We were missing some people in the office that day because they were at a wedding in New Orleans. I think I was the most vocal on Friday (thus far), and really enjoyed regaling everyone with my Beach Boys extravaganza of the morning. It was a coworker’s birthday, so we signed a card. We also got to sign a card for Brendan because his birthday was Saturday. I felt a little weird signing both cards, because who even knows if the first guy knows who I am? And I signed the second one “Love, The Awkward Intern”. I mean, I just call it like I see it. 

Work ended at 3:15pm for me, and I walked over to Trader Joe’s to GROCERY SHOP! I got about everything and its mom for $35, which was awesome. Then I went down into the ground to catch the R back uptown. I saw Mikey-from work-on the platform, and debated whether to say hi to him or not. He was awful close to the edge, and I didn’t want to freak him out because he had his headphones on–and I distinctly remember seeing the bad guy from MIB get caught under a train in one of those CSI shows when I was very young, and that shit still scares me. I decided to poke him anyway (Yeah… the TRUE form of poke. This isn’t Facebook.), and we got to talk until my stop at 59th St. So that was nice.

I got back, put my groceries away, and was 2 seconds from falling asleep (long day… needed a nap!) when Ari texted me and said, “Meredith. NO. Come to Midtown”. Her friend from high school was in town, and it was necessary that I join for drinks. So I dressed down, waited 20 MINUTES for the F Train (ridiculous), and met them in Times Square. I don’t think I had cussed so much walking through Midtown EVER. Friday afternoon in the summer… people were ridiculous. I wanted to punch them all! 

Side note: Hey, ma! Remember that time before I moved here last fall? When you said you weren’t sure if I would be the Mary Tyler Moore type, spinning in circles with a quaint dress on and smiling at the world as I walk down the streets of New York? Or if I would be the person in all black, clutching my coffee with sunglasses on and saying, “Damn tourists”? Well, I am a mixture of both. But today? I was definitely the latter.

My mood leant to our entertainment, and we headed to Houndstooth for some drinks. Houndstooth, for those of you who don’t know, is party owned by the band Snow Patrol. And their Chasing Cars signature drink is AMAZING. I love that pub! Yuengling= $5. I hadn’t had it before. I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed discussing old work gossip, crazy roommates, intense situations, and life overall with Ari and her friend. It was time well spent with two amazing people. I love Ari.

After that trip, I walked them up to 51st, where they were heading to see “Wicked”. Such a good show, and I wish I was going to see it again with them. When I left, I called my mom and talked to her as she went through the Wendy’s drive-thru at home. I was very jealous of that. I was starving! By the time I was getting off the phone with her, I had happened upon a subway stop that would take me uptown, and headed back to the apartment to pack for Brooklyn for the night.

At 9pm, I was decked out. Sweats, a Theta shirt that made me look like a nerd (“J’Adore Theta” is a bit nerdy if you’re talking math), my fake hipster glasses, no makeup, curly hair piled in an enormous bun on top of my head, and two bags. I looked like I was heading to the library on a Friday night. I got a lot of awkward glances as I walked down the street, and could feel people staring at me as I read a book while waiting for the train. Whatever. People can laugh. I like making people smile. 

I got down to Brooklyn, walked to Alex’s, and watched every episode of “Freaks & Geeks” that I could. My laptop couldn’t read one disc. Another disc was missing. But, by the time I left the next day, I had finished the series (thanks, Alex!). And the cats had a lot of Meredith time in that timeframe. Me, with my hot tea and open lap, letting them climb all over me like I was a jungle gym. 

I could NEVER be a cat lady.


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