Because you need to know how lazy I am…

Woke up early on Saturday. Fed the cats. Watched the rest of “Freaks & Geeks” on my computer. That actually took a large portion of the day. I enjoyed the view of the river out Aidan and Alex’s bedroom window, but didn’t leave to sit on a bench like the hipster me thought I would. I re-heated my soup that I bought Thursday and ate that and crackers as lunch. I drank hot tea. I stayed until about 6pm, keeping the cats company. And yelling at Marilyn–the cat–to get off my computer (I think she thinks she can type or something. No.). I made myself look presentable (an oversized sweatshirt falling off my shoulders, black shorts, hair in a curly, high pony, and glasses is presentable, right?), fed the cats again, and was back to Manhattan for the evening. 

I was productive. I showered when I got home. And I got “Post Grad” for free OnDemand. That movie was WAY underrated, by the way. And it might be because the subject matter hits so close to home, but the soundtrack was pretty amazing. I made cheesy biscuits and ate sweet potato fries (starch, starch, who cares?). Then I watched the first 6 episodes of “GIRLS”. **To those of you who kept telling me how much I would LOVE that show, I agree. Thank you. 

That was a productive Saturday, right?


Today I rolled off the couch around 1pm when Jess got back from Philly. I don’t know how I stayed still for so long! I watched the other 3 episodes of “Girls” and curled my hair. I ate more of my cheesy biscuits and some sweet potato tortilla chips (weird? yes. Apparently I am on a sweet potato binge). My intention was to go to The Met. That didn’t happen. 

Around 5, Jess and I left to venture back to Brooklyn. We fed the cats. We came to Vineapple, that cute coffee shop I raved about from Thursday. I got a caramel cappuccino. Jess is enjoying wine. And a grilled cheese. And a salad. And we are giggling and saying stupid things on Facebook. And I am telling you that soon we will go back to Alex’s, feed the cats, clean a bit, chill, and at some point we will go back up to Manhattan. 

This might have been the laziest weekend of my existence.  


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