Day 9, Round 2 “Bananas… have a lot of potassium.”

When I went to sleep on Wednesday night, I decided to close the bedroom door so that the cats wouldn’t be laying all over me. Those cats were stubborn, though. They started fighting and you could hear hisses and little cat screams, and then they were running and slamming themselves against the door for attention. There was NO way I could sleep like that, so I opened the door.

And then they were climbing on me all night.

Alex… I love you, but your cats are IN-SANE. I woke up about a million times that night because they were scratching my side, or standing on my hip, or playing with my hair. Then, at 6am, I woke up with BOTH OF THEM all up in my grill, staring straight into my eyes. It’s like they PLANNED to creep me out. So, needless to say, it was a tough night for me. Not altogether a bad thing, but also very unusual for me.

I got up, got ready, fed the cats, and headed out to a gorgeous day in Brooklyn.  I got off the train at 8th NYU, and walked up instead of down, which was a nice change of scenery. There was a wandering quartet on the subway from City Hall to Canal St., which was entertaining. That’s all I have to say about that.

Our phones were being crazy and cryptic all day. So, that was interesting. I think the highlight of work that day was that I went to lunch with people (I kind of just followed them out, so I HOPE it was an open invite).

Five of us traveled down to Cosi, where I got some tortilla cheesy chicken-y soup, and we sat and I observed. It is so out of character how quiet I have been at work, so this was a good way to kind of be awkward but interact as well. I was asked where I was from again, and I answered. There was a small conversation about Missouri… and at some point, they mentioned how quiet it has been this semester (in regards to work load and interns), and I had to admit that I am out of my element, which is why I am not being obnoxious. Then they were like, “Oh no! You’re OBNOXIOUS?!” So, I got a bit of a giggle out of them.

Don’t worry, I’ll work my magic.

The day slugged on, and finally it was 7pm. Instead of walking to the subway, I walked down to Washington Square Park to officially meet someone. One of my littles in my sorority (I have two. They are “twins”. But not. You get it if you are or were a part of Greek life.) has a BLOOD sister who is studying at NYU for a few weeks. So, I met Jessica Corona by the fountain and we walked to the subway to go down to Brooklyn to feed the cats! I fed them and played with them a little bit, and then I got my stuff together and we walked around Brooklyn Heights for a bit, talking and just enjoying the weather.

We happened upon VINEAPPLE, this cute little coffee shop I had read about on Yahoo!, so we went in and had a cup of tea each and talked some more. We bonded over glasses (she hates hers, I want some), our families (we are both the stubborn trouble-makers), and our mutually curly hair. She told me funny stories about high school, and then offered to surf with me if and when I go back to San Diego, even though she isn’t very good at it (Perfect! I need another battle wound, right?). It was very relaxing.

On our way back to the subway, she asked if I knew where the cupcake shop from “Sex & The City” was, and so we made our way to Bleecker St. for some Magnolia! On our way there, we passed the production of something. There were cameras and bright lights everywhere… and looky-lou tourists like crazy. We walked past like locals. I mean, it happens all the time here! After we enjoyed our cupcakes in a park (and I purchased one for Jess), I decided she needed to stay at the apartment with us that night. Why? Because we had decided to get up at roughly 6am to watch the Beach Boys play at the summer stage for the GMA Concert Series! So we went back up to the apartment, spent some time with the roommates, and passed out around 1.

But only after I tried to Skype with my sister and Tim. Tim, I blame YOU for the fail on that one. Because, really, what else am I going to do? 🙂


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