Day 7and8… “I am drowning in a sea of Hipsters!”

Tuesday was a different day. I woke up, tried to fix my hair to no avail, and changed my clothes about 17892784 times (after texting Ari to ask if it was a jeans day) before I headed out the door. I ended up with my gray jeans, blue tank top, purple zebra print hoodie, and black sandals (in case you were wondering).  Of course, knowing me, I got overheated on the way to work. But I DID walk the right way and I WAS there on time!

I got more stuff to do on Tuesday. We didn’t have an office meeting, but I did learn how to do weekly stats and did those pretty quickly. Mind you, Tuesday and Thursday are the days we have a cleaning service (so I didn’t have to do trash!!!). Gaby asked me if I wanted to go to an event on Wednesday night, I said yes, and got a confirmation email. When she asked me, she had to verify that I was over 21 to which I had to admit that I look 17, but I am 22. Then Mikey tried to prove to me that I wasn’t the youngest person in the office.

“You’re not the youngest one here!” “I’m 22.” “When is your birthday?” “April 19th” “You’re not the youngest one here. Did you JUST turn 22?” “In April.” “Oh, you’re the youngest one here.”

I’m not sure what about the “I’m 22” he didn’t get, but he is a really nice guy so I will let it slide–this time.

So Gaby pipes in, “Your birthday is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings.” “Yes, yes it is.” “I remember because I have twin friends with that birthday.” Then, Mikey chimed in with, “Meredith is a twin!” and the conversation, of course, went on from there. Until it died. Which, ultimately, doesn’t it always?

Everyone was out by 7. I met Jess at 14th and 6th, where she was eating sushi. Alone. Again. She was surprisingly calm, and kept telling me about how calm she was. She had also bought some incense from Namaste, so she was ready to burn it. Our original plan was to visit Trader Joe’s, but at 7pm it was bound to be CRAZY busy, so we went back up town so I could drop off my stuff and head back down to Alex’s to get her keys to WATCH THE CATS!

Cat Sitting. Cat, Cat Sitting, Bitch.

Well, I tore through half a box of Cheez-Its as my dinner while I waited for Jess to get ready and come with me. Fun part was, she decided to burn incense before, even though she knew I had to be there between 8 and 8:30 (and it was already 8:30). She then thought it necessary to discuss how much Jackson loved the incense. Sometimes I think she IS a dog because I have NEVER met someone who speaks so much for their dog. I also think that it is correct if she gets him signed off as a disabilities dog (Okay, that’s not the right term, but you know what I mean right? That he is helping her with some sort of disability. Capische?). The rate with which my patience has grown is RIDONCULOUS.

We went to Brooklyn, chilled with Alex and Aidan for a bit, and then turned around and headed back. In the rain. In our Rainbows. Alex, I must love you.

Showered. Made some pasta for work lunch for Wednesday (someone thought it out!). Slept.


Died of heat on my way to work on Wednesday. Called my mom and told her about the event I was going to that night, to which she freaked out (I love you, mom!). Kept putting my hair up all day in a messy bun (the likes of which I never witnessed, so I apologize to my coworkers who did). Brendan told me he might have me doing some Photoshop soon, which got me really excited.

Except I only have Adobe on my desktop. Which is in Kansas City.

So now my goal is to empty my computer so I can download the system. Which I started doing when I left around 5 and got back to Alex’s apartment in Brooklyn. I made myself some cookie dough, cooled off (as much as possible), rubber cemented my shoe (thanks, Alex), and headed back up to Manhattan to meet Alex Clark (from Day 1) to go to this event. On the way there, I was getting text upon text from my roommate (I won’t tell you which one) about how they were all of the sudden MISERABLE. How their life was ENDING and they must be having a reaction to their pills and they were going back to the doctor and they didn’t want to go to class. They might cry. They were spazzing out. Maybe they should just marry this last person they dated. I mean, random shit for NO reason. And that is what my life consists of. Lunacy.

Nejla. 8pm.  Let me break it down for you: 1800 Tequila and SPIN magazine were hosting a party that Wavves, one of Crush’s artists, was playing at. I was on the list, +1. It sounds fancy, but everyone was on the list. But there weren’t that many people. So maybe it WAS fancy? Anyway, I was unsure if it was the right line to begin with because there was another line a few yards away, so I awkwardly texted Gaby and asked her. She wasn’t there yet, so she knew just as much as I did. So, all I did was make her think even further that I don’t know what I’m doing (wearing pretty dresses to work seems prissy of me… and telling her that I will go to the show IF they have tickets… for some reason it all comes off to me as “I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A SHOW. I DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC. I AM VERY QUIET!”). But, come on. If you know me, you know I am obnoxious. You KNOW I have been to a zillion shows, and you KNOW I am not a teeny bopper. Most of the time.

We walked up the 438719 stairs and went to order drinks. I was in no rush, unlike so many of the crazy people around me, so I was being awful patient at the front. It paid off. The model who was mixing drinks (yes, they hire very attractive people to tend the bar at these events–too pretty) asked me what I wanted specifically, even though everyone was shouting orders at him. Because he realized that I had been patient about it and I think sometimes that’s the best part about the service industry–helping people who appreciate it. So I ordered a CocoMo, and Alex and I found our way to an empty space in the room, where we caught up. We saw Mikey, Dan and Gaby from work, who had come in with the manager and I did the whole: “Should I talk to them? Should I not?” thing in my head. I spoke to Mikey for a couple of minutes, and waved at Dan and Gaby. The music was loud enough that trying to carry a conversation would have been ludicrous, and no one does the hug thing.

The show was really great. Very small, intimate thing. Everyone was a hipster. At least 75% of them had these radical haircuts and black-rimmed glasses. It was very niche. I loved it. But I also felt out of place. Lots of older people. A “real housewife of New Jersey”. They did a shout-out to the “white bourgeois people” and painted Steve’s face bright green. During the last song, I had to retreat to the back of the room because a mosh pit broke out and, unfortunately, I feel like those days might be close to over for me. WHY DO I FEEL SO OLD?!

When the music ended, the two of us bailed. Afterward they presented Nathan with a cake for his birthday, etc., but I was happy and content with what we did and saw. We walked to the train at Canal St. and I rode back to cat sit.

All of my stuff is covered in fur.


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