Day 6, Round 2

Wake up. 7:03am. Back to sleep.

Wake up. 7:17am. Back to sleep.

Wake up. 7:48am. Back to sleep.

Wake up. 8:06am. Back to sleep.

Wake up. 8:16am. Stay up, with no real need to. It’s going to take me a while to get used to this 10:30am start to my day!

I already had lunch made (mac n cheese that was chilling in the fridge) and my outfit picked out. I took the time to curl my hair (which was dumb, per usual, but a nice idea). I poured some water into my water bottle, and pineapple for good measure. This might seem a little pious, but our Brita filter hadn’t necessarily been doing its job and–although I wouldn’t normally care–it was giving the water this odd, diluted taste. So I had to “Febreze” it… COVER the taste with something better. I poured some Raisin Bran into a baggie and was off to work by 9:44am!

To the 4 train! Not a bad swap, but I am going to miss my early morning commutes on the F. They were at rush hour, so it was SRO, coffee mug in hand, trying not to bump into the guy reading the newspaper next to you. As annoying as that sounds, it was oddly comforting knowing that I wasn’t the only one on my way to a professional environment for the entire day. The 4 train at 10am? Not even remotely packed. Seats everywhere. Tourists. EVERYWHERE. Just different.

I was in Union Square by 10:08am, and went the wrong way when I emerged out of a different subway entrance than I usually do down here. I took a bit of time walking through the green of Union Square, but with my swift walking, I was still at the corner of 11th and University by 10:12am. Yeah… it’s kind of like that. Thankfully, I have family that loves to talk to me! My dad chatted with me while I stood on the street, waiting for a more appropriate time to approach the workplace (they told me between 10:30 and 11am, and I wanted to be punctual but not overly-so). I walked in at about 10:26 and waited at the elevator with three other men. Two of them I was almost certain worked for my company, but I am not a very social person (on a first day), so I just stood there. Then one said, “Crushin’ it up today?” to the other, so I could at least verify that the lanky one-who looked oddly familiar-worked in my office.

My supervisor-Gaby-walked in the door right before the elevator got to ground. I recognized her, but didn’t want to interrupt her conversation about a wedding she had been at over the weekend. When I got off on the same floor, she realized I was “Meredith, the new intern” and introduced me to the office. First task? Clean out the closet!

I know people expect me to take a long time to do things. This might be because of my gender. Listen up… what should have taken a helluva lot longer took me 40 minutes, tops. Even in a dress. That’s what’s up.

At the end of the day, I wasn’t paying attention and took the NQR back uptown. So I got off at S. Central Park and decided to walk up to the aforementioned clinic to make an appointment in person since they didn’t take my phone calls. I picked the wrong shoes to walk like that, but I made it there.

Apparently no one else had made it there for awhile. UPS slips and notices were on the door, abandoned mail was at my feet. Looked like they had been evicted and the national office hadn’t bothered to alert anyone about it? So, disgruntled, I walked home on the phone with my dad. Then my sister. Then my mom.

I hadn’t enjoyed the mac n cheese I packed for lunch, so I stuck that in the microwave. I then went to friend my new coworkers. I found two so far on Facebook, and neither of them ignored my friend requests! Bonus! However, I did realize why the skinny guy looked so familiar. He was in one of my favorite bands from high school. No big deal, but this is the second time I have been around someone whose music exists in my iTunes and had no idea.

Anyway, Jess had gotten Sprinkles. So, for the first time, I enjoyed a Sprinkles cupcake. It was carrot cake. And it was divine.

“Everyone is covered in tattoos and wears skinny jeans. I have found my people.”


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