Day 5, Round 2


I originally thought about combining Saturday and Sunday together in one post, since I really can’t think of much that I did with my Sunday. But I had to finish the post quickly and go off to another intern duty (yes, I am writing this on Monday at my new internship).

I set my alarm for 9:07am. I figured that was a reasonable time to start adjusting to for Monday. I woke up, turned my alarm off, and went back to sleep. I rolled out of bed a bit earlier this time, but only because I heard sirens and screaming. When I looked outside, all I saw were these young families and strollers… old people and canes. Okay, so it’s just another, typical Sunday.

Jess and I got ready and got out of the apartment with Jackson (her dog that is afraid of me) and took a stroll to Java Girl, a cute little coffee shop a block uptown that we both agree we would work for if given the chance. She went in to get coffee (“I have no cash! Meredith… Mommy… Do you have money to spare?”) and then we walked toward Central Park to a clinic I have been calling to book an appointment at to no avail.

I know what you’re thinking:

  1. “What clinic?”  — It’s not Planned Parenthood, and it’s not rehab. It’s a positive thing for positive people.
  2. “Why can’t you get an appointment?”  — Well, I’ve never had an issue before, but they don’t answer their phone and now their message machine is disabled. For all I know, it isn’t in existence.

As we walked closer to Central Park, the number of people got almost unmanageable. Normal for a NYC Sunday in the summer, eh? Not normal. We hit a parade on 5th Avenue, and battled our way against crowds.  Now, normally I would try to hide the fact that I had no idea what was going on. But I will admit that there was such a diverse group of people there and so many different flags that I didn’t know what anyone was celebrating! Besides, the clinic was blocked off, so we had to walk back east to find another route.

Turns out that walking over there was not worth it. The clinic was closed on Sundays, which I had never encountered before. Summer hours? Cutbacks? Inconsistent staff? All of the above?

I called my parents about the parade, which they thought was hilarious. When I got off the phone I had to Google it: Puerto Rican Day parade.


We walked back home and I worked on some DoubleTake Productions stuff (shameless plug) while watching “The Patriot” (which you now know is a movie I watch every time it happens to be on TV… Heath’s death still gets me). I didn’t venture back outside until Jess had to run to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Back to the apartment, and the day was basically over besides staring Jess’ gaseous dog down after he sat on my blanket.

And enjoying a little NPH on the Tonys. 


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