Day 4, Round 2

Saturday, I woke up just as late as the other days and didn’t roll out of bed until about noon. I am going to try to justify this by saying, “But it was 9am PST!! And I was just in San Diego two weeks ago!”

No? That didn’t work? Okay.

I waited for Jess to get back from the gym, which took her a year and a half because she has been sleeping in longer than I have (“It’s the way I moved my furniture. It feels like a cocoon!!!!”). When she was back and finally ready (that’s a process all in itself), we caught the train down to Union Square to pick up her final check from her former job.

For those of you who were invested in this story, we think we have decided that it was a failed extortion attempt. I could care less. It was a tanning salon.

We walked in to the salon, and Jess’ favorite coworker-Ella-was there. She handed us the check, informed us that Gabbi was supposed to be there but had a party Sunday that she was preparing for, and we left. My ears were met with, “But, Meredith, Gabbi NEVER works on Saturdays! And now she does! And NO ONE lets only one person work on Saturdays! It’s too busy! It’s a sign! It was perfect timing that we were there when she was supposed to be but wasn’t! Kabbalah! Gods! Screaming! Maniacal laughter!” So, I embellished a bit at the end. But you catch my drift.

Then, after an odd trip to the bank, we went to NAMASTE. This is a crazy person store that Jess frequents. We were in there for what seemed like hours (some of the stuff was pretty interesting, but NO I DO NOT WANT A PENDULUM TO ANSWER MY LIFE’S QUESTIONS!) and when we finally did leave, it was only after a man told us that a book “spoke to us” and Jess bought it. My hair wreaked of patchouli and incense.

On our way to Grounded (one of the cutest little coffee shops), we walked into Bourbon Coffee and I sat down while Jess regaled me with the meaning of her number (24, if she hasn’t told you). She read me some passages from this new book she had purchased, and I applied some aspects of her life to said passages. Then, there was more screaming. “Meredith! You have solved the mystery of 24! At my age of 24! Now I know what it MEEEEEANS!” And the rest of the day sort of went like that…

We did end up at The Penny Farthing in the east village so that she could try and introduce her two friends to one another (not sure when she decided she was matchmaker… that’s my job!), and I found myself sipping a Blue Moon in a pub with someone coming to all of these big, life realizations getting more shwasted next to me.  Thankfully, her friend Kevin eventually showed up so I wasn’t the only one trying to buffer the crazy. And, to be fair, it wasn’t all crazy. It did make sense in context. Some of it was a stretch.

Kevin was nice. Jess started to feel bored. Finally, her friend Sara showed up. Then I was bored because they did that thing where the circle closes and you’re out of it. That shit just annoys me. I mean, I walked all the way over there with Jess and was being ignored? Meep! But, eventually, Jess and I decided to bail and walk north (but not until after I noted how cranky the bartender looked, and Jess asked him if he was a cranky man). We walked from 13th to 64th, and stopped at probably 7 “convenience” stores on the way to try and find chocolate chips and real maple syrup.

New York City’s fascination with REAL maple syrup still confuses me.

No maple syrup. But there was cookie dough. So, we ended the night with a giant pizookie made by yours truly and some more movie watching!


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