Day 3, Round 2

Did the whole “late out of bed” thing again on Friday. Not sure why my timing has become so degenerate. I lived in San Diego for 2.5 years. If I were going to develop a late habit, it would have happened there.

I had planned for Jess, Michael and I to meet up with my friend Amy from Reach Out (shameless plug at Chelsea Market. Well, we were so late (not my fault, actually, but who is going to take the blame here?) that she had to get her food (hypoglycemia made that a necessity) and we had to meet her on the Highline about an hour later than “scheduled” (whoops). I had never been to the Highline, and had no idea how close to SoHo House (one of my former haunts) it was. 

After I caught up with Amy, she went back to work and the three amigos meandered up the Highline in the direction of Midtown. We witnessed a plethora of foreigners and some skinny, white writers posted up by some coffee vendors in the heat. How they weren’t getting a sunburn, I will never know. We got off around 23rd St. and walked to the harbor to have drinks at The Frying Pan. 6 Coronas (split between us, of course), garlic fries, and an amazing view of the river (that we were floating on)! What a way to spend a Friday afternoon! And I just kept thinking to myself: “I COULD be in an office, stressing out and downing lattes that were made in some fancy machine in order to stay up so I can stay in the office until between 11pm and 1am on a weekend, but I am HERE!” It was a moment of relaxation that I might ALWAYS remember–the pivotal moment when I realized that my life in New York didn’t have to be a stress bucket, dumped on me every 48 seconds for the next 3+ months. I was texting my Michelle friend, my parents, and my SISTO, and I was happy.

Afterward, we walked back to the subway and caught the train up to the apartment. Jess convinced me to go to the gym with her, so we geared up and did some cardio for over an hour. On a Friday night. Pretty wonderful. To be fair, I was in a good place pretty much the entire time… until some beezy came over and changed “Wild Wild West” to “The Food Network”. I mean, really? Gearing up to go on a food frenzy after your workout, fatty?

We walked back. I showered. And I was content for the rest of the evening in our little abode. We watched movies and I fell asleep relatively early.


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